Three hundred percent goal will be achieved within three years Nansi Lake water quality

Three hundred percent goal will be achieved within three years Nansi Lake water quality

People Jinan August 19 power (Pang Xin Shan) Recently, the Shandong provincial government approved the "Nansi Lake basin water pollution remediation three-year action plan (2021-2023 years)," 19 am, held at the Information Office of Shandong Province the press conference, the ecological environment of the Office of Shandong Province two inspectors, Director Zhang Jinzhi atmosphere at this interpretation.

Zhang Jinzhi said, Nansi regulation and storage is a major hub for North Water Transfer Project, promoting Nansi river valley comprehensive improvement of water pollution related to the diversion of water quality and ecological security.

Shandong Province has always attached great importance to the Nansi Lake water pollution remediation, innovation and implementation of "rule by Paul" watershed pollution control strategies, lake water quality and stability of surface water reached three types of standards.

In the first half of this year, 36 state-controlled sections Nansi Lake basin, there are 35 sections to achieve the three types of surface water and above, excellent water proportion%. However, there is still imperfect urban environmental infrastructure, agricultural non-point source pollution comprehensive treatment is not complete and other issues in the basin. For continuous Improvement of Water Catchment, according to the Shandong provincial government deployment requirements, Shandong Province Environment Agency shall prepare a "Nansi Lake basin water pollution remediation three-year action plan (2021-2023 years)" (hereinafter referred to as "three-year action plan"), on July 9 formally issued by the Shandong provincial government approved the implementation of the consent. "Three-year action plan" requirement, by 2023, to achieve three hundred percent objective, namely: water ratio in the South Trunk excellent Nansi Lake remained stable at 100%; state-controlled sections water quality ratio reached 100%; 39 into lake river water quality ratio reached 100%.

To achieve these goals, the key tasks identified six aspects, including: the deepening of urban sewage and garbage pollution.

Accelerate the transformation of rain and sewage pipe network, to 2023, the existing 640 km of rainwater and sewage pipe network all the transformation was complete. Continue to promote the village, the old city, the urban fringe, sewage pipe network construction of the new city, to 2023, the new (changed) to build sewage collection pipe network more than 1460 km.

Comprehensive prevention and control of pollution in rural agriculture. Promote livestock manure disposal and resource utilization, to 2023, the basin breeding specialized livestock manure to achieve full resource utilization, all administrative villages completed sewage treatment tasks. Classification of industrial and mining pollution prevention and control.

Embodiment basin paper, chemical, glass, mining and other industries involving sulfur-fluoro-related industrial and mining pollution control characteristics.

Focus chemical, pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturing, paper making, metallurgy, electroplating, printing and dyeing, food processing and other industrial enterprises, strengthen supervision of nitrogen and phosphorus emissions control and emissions. In-depth management and control directly into the river and lake pollution. Implementation of receiving ship pollutants chain management and dynamic monitoring.

Nansi Lake basin full completion of all kinds into the river (lake) sewage (water) mouth to its source, establishing a standardized outfall files, to 2023, completed into the river basin (lake) sewage (water) mouth to complete standardized regulation. Hayashida comprehensive management of integrated landscape lake grass sand. To carry out reproduction and releasing, science put filter-feeding, herbivorous fish.

Lake implementation P.crispus, Myriophyllum and other comprehensive remediation, resource exploration and utilization.

In the focus of the sewage outfall downstream, the river estuary local conditions constructed wetland water purification project. Rivers and lakes effectively prevent environmental risks.

Carry out investigation and remediation of sources of risk, and improve contingency plans for sudden pollution incident.

Strengthen the risk of shipping emergency supplies reserves to enhance oil spill risk prevention and control capabilities. (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The first radio drama series 180: full of childhood memories of sweet snacks

The first radio drama series 180: full of childhood memories of sweet snacks

Watch the white water, sail.

Flat waves are not moving, and it is full of green. Hello everyone, welcome to listen to radio drama series "Baiyangdian story" of 180. Baiyangdian legends and stories very much, today we are concerned that the sugar pier children hung Ann’s. New trees hung Ann Liu village is known as the "village of candied fruit", the village most of the villagers have to make sugar-coated haws this craft. Sugar-coated haws as a traditional Chinese snack, carrying a lot of people’s childhood memories. In the male security local, sweet and sour taste of this snack has another name – sugar pier children. Production of sugar pier children master hawthorn, yam, pineapple and other ingredients may be made of different styles sugar pier children. Sugar-coated haws in male security is also known as sugar pier children. Sugar pier children fabrication steps Sinofranchetia divided into several portions, boil sugar, dipped in sugar and cooling.

After a string of successful production of sugar-coated haws pan outside wrapped sugar will quickly cooled, it is Ga bang crisp bite, stick to the teeth.

To achieve this effect, boil sugar is the most important, pay attention to a boil when the furnace, the furnace can not, stick teeth when easy to eat; and the furnace is too large, heavy and not only the color and taste bitter. Hawthorn produced sugar pier children should be carefully selected. Sinofranchetia pick fresh full, hawthorn uniform size, and to pedicle root, hawthorn incision down the middle, with a knife digging pits children, add bean paste fillings and the like, on the two together, with a bamboo stick string together.

Different ingredients can be made with different styles sugar pier children.

  Production process, the master spoke slowly with a long spoon has been stirring the pot being troubled syrup, until the time is ripe, quickly hands of Hawthorn nuts into the pot, lightly turn the wrist, hawthorn nuts like wearing a crystal clear jade clothes. Sweet and sour taste of sugar-coated haws not only to bring a good appetite, but also a symbol of people’s life is booming, round and round.

  Next Issue ask people what Baiyangdian favorite now? The answer may be varied.

However, if you ask the fishermen before Baiyangdian What do you like most? That certainly among the best fishing nets.

The next issue of the radio drama series "Baiyangdian Story", you talk about Baiyangdian nets. About the radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" Baiyangdian is one of Hebei business cards, the ancient "Northern West Lake", today has the reputation of "North China Pearl".

Since ancient times, there have been many legends in Baiyangdian, and it is very exciting., Xinhua News Agency, Hebei Branch, Hebei Provincial Netition Office, Hebei Xiongan New District Management Committee jointly launched a series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story", with broadcast and comics, bring you through the beautiful mysterious Baiyangdian, and enjoy the charm Yan Zhao.

  Good story is still going, please listen! Planning: Super Liu Director: Zhai Xiaomin Coordinator: Weikuai Bo, Xing Yuwei Editor: Yuan Lina Voice: horsepower Music: Gao Yi United States Code: Zhangwen Ze, Li Feifei, Huang Weiqi, Wang Zixi support: Art Institute of Hebei University of Science and Technology.

Sinan County Party members and cadres are brave in the flood control and disaster relief

Sinan County Party members and cadres are brave in the flood control and disaster relief

Sinan County has always adhered to firmly establishing training exercise cadres to the front line, from the distinctive orientation of the first line, put the main position of the cultivation of cadres in the grassroots level, put the focus of the selection of people in the first line, put the flood control disaster, first-line front edge position as discovery and Cultivate the platform of cadres.

Since this year, 132 people have been promoted, and 132 people have been promoted.

Where is the feelings, where there is a chapped figure; where is dangerous, where there is a responsibility of sniper the soul.

"Flood control, both for the country, also for its own small house.

"Si Tang Street Jiangxing Village Zone Cadial Cadres Wei Dong said.

"As long as the masses need, I will righteousness.

"Zhangjiazhai Town Tree Tree Village Zhuangzhu Wang Ziyao said in the far household in the housing leakage situation." Inhability, the first reaction is forward. "" The flood is not retreating, I will not refund! " "On the battlefield of flood control, countless Communist Party members are in front, quite in front of the first line, incentive and lead the masses to build a responsible dams in flood control and disaster relief.

The first line of flood control and disaster relief is the main battlefield of party members and people’s tests. Put the people in the highest position in the heart. If the people think, the urgency of the masses, solve the masses, and put into flood prevention and disaster relief with the spirit of bleeding. Go, the critical moment is rushed, and the danger is attacked. It is the real communist.

(李亚宇) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing).

Speak ideological and political course with good examples of tackling poverty

Speak ideological and political course with good examples of tackling poverty

  In the important moments 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, my country’s poverty alleviation campaign of obtaining a complete victory, all the current standards at 98.99 million rural poor out of poverty, 832 poverty-stricken counties all hat, million poor villages all out of the line, the overall regional poverty is resolved to complete the arduous task of eliminating absolute poverty, created a miracle after another splendid history. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Education is the plan of the country, the party’s plans.

"Great practice tackling poverty, and provides a number of vivid and moving, persuasive examples to speak good ideological and political course.

Colleges and universities should make good use of tackling poverty say good examples of ideological and political course, to further enhance the ideological and political course of the ideological, theoretical and affinity, targeted, and effectively accomplish the fundamental task Lide tree people, to gather up concentric Build Chinese dream of youth power. Guide students to listen to the party, then follow the party.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The new era of Chinese youth to listen to the party, then follow the party-minded concern for the fate of the heart, patriotic feelings."

Tackling poverty made remarkable achievements, by the party’s strong leadership, by the Chinese nation self-reliance, hard work of the spirit of quality, by the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening accumulated a solid material basis, by the term next term dry stick perseverance, relying on the united struggle of the whole Party and people of all ethnic groups. The party’s 18 years, the national total of ten thousand villages to send teams, and more than 3 million of the first secretary of the village cadres, with nearly 2 million township cadres and millions of village cadres in a fighting poverty line, red flag always flying high in the main battle field of tackling poverty.

Youth are the future hope of the nation.

Speak ideological and political course with good examples of tackling poverty, help demonstrate the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, organization, execution, highlighting the party members and cadres in tackling poverty and selfless dedication, noble character risking his own life, so that young students a profound understanding of China the Communist Party is united and led the people to tackle tough, pioneering and forward the most reliable leadership, strengthen party-loving heart, always listen to the party, then firm, with the party’s confidence and determination.

  Guide students to establish feelings of the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "the Communist Party of China since its inception, to adhere to the well-being of the Chinese people, to seek rejuvenation of the Chinese mission as the beginning of the heart, to unite and lead the Chinese people for a long hard struggle to create their own better life.

"Tackling poverty so that the poor people to significantly improve the lives and further polish the bright background of our party the people-oriented concept, greatly enhancing the cohesion and solidarity of the whole Party and people of all ethnic groups.

The majority of cadres and poverty alleviation small family homes for everyone, with the poor masses twinning, recognize relatives, perennial overtime, hard working, hard in front of exclusion come, get on top of the key when the blood and sweat poured over thousands of miles, thousands of families . "Shabby old adobe houses, and now new home with bright; good thinking about the party’s policies, the people at heart radiant", the gratitude of the masses, happy feeling couplet written on the door, but also the Chinese Communist Party’s fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly Bearing in mind that in mind. Speak with good examples of tackling poverty ideological and political course, in favor of highlighting the feelings of party members and cadres of public servants, the people’s party of sincere affection, educate and guide young students a firm people stand, I learned excellent skills, the individual ego into the great motherland I, among people older than me, the same pace with the times, people with a common destiny, to better realize the value of life, sublimation realm of life. Guide students a firm system of self-confidence.

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "to guide students to enhance the socialist road with Chinese characteristics and self-confidence, self-confidence theory, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence." Whether the measure of a country’s system of success, whether superior, an important aspect is to see that all sides can command in the face of major struggles and challenges, organizations Octagon common response.

In this nationwide concentric action together to tackle the country, the party and government military and civilian learn an effort to make, East and West are united, east nine provinces, 14 cities and twinning Midwest 14 provinces, 307 central units designated helping 592 poor counties, the military designated helping 4100 poor villages, ten thousand private enterprises to participate in "000 enterprises to help ten thousand villages" precision poverty action. "Cited product of the force, but also numerous no; Trimaran’s act, also no fragmentation.

"8 years, the income level of the poor significantly improved, all to achieve" two to worry about three guarantees ", more than 20 million poor patients receive treatment classification, more than 960 million people" move poor nest "…… a bundle of data, a series of changes , is the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is a vivid manifestation, provides a wealth of stories to tell a good ideological and political course.

These examples can, clear the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and national governance systems Why has the concentrating power, and so difficult to do significant advantages, continue to build a strong system of self-confident young students ideological foundation.

  Bravely assumed the responsibility to guide students era.

Generation is a generation Long March generation is a generation of play.

To win this tough battle in tackling poverty, the majority of young people to live Shaohua, live mission era of play, determined to struggle, fight the forerunner to tackle tough, selfless dedication, showing the youthful style.

Some just out of school headlong into the countryside, to become the Student Village; some volunteered, out of the office came to the village, the people around him become a young secretary; some give up out successfully established businesses, back to the village led the villagers to become rich … … they are determined to interpret bright color, to enthusiastic embark on the journey of struggle, perseverance to write no regrets youth.

Youth upward, age forward.

Ideological and Political Education of College Students can vividly tell the story of the struggle of youth in tackling poverty, to speak out patriotism, Chi youth, stimulate the emotional resonance of the younger generation, to guide young students to embrace a new era, a new progressive era, the dreams of youth into the Chinese dream, let the youth for the motherland and the people, as a nation, as a human sacrifice in the glow of a more brilliant luster.

  (The author is vice chairman of CPPCC Jiangxi Province) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Ye Chiu).

Suining Municipal Public Security Bureau, former Party Committee, deputy director Tang Xingyong accepted discipline review and supervision

Suining Municipal Public Security Bureau, former Party Committee, deputy director Tang Xingyong accepted discipline review and supervision

People’s Network Chengdu August 6th (Li Qiangqiang) According to the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the original party committee of the Suining City Public Security Bureau, Tang Xingyong, deputy director, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently accepting discipline review and supervision. Tang Xing Yong resume Tang Xingong, male, Han nationality, born in August 1958, Sichuan Radong People, in-service university degree. In December 1976, he joined the Communist Party of China in February 1979.

From December 1976 to December 1980, served in the troops; December 1980 to February 1989, in the Wenhong County Public Security Bureau; February 1989 to July 1989, July 1989 to July 1989, July 1989, July 1989, July 1989, Renbang County Public Security Bureau The deputy director of the town police station; from July 1989 to November 1989, the deputy department of the Public Security Bureau of Renbang County; November 1989 to June 1992, Renbang County Silk Factory Public Security Political Instructor; 1992 From July 1993, Renbang County Silk Factory Public Security Political Instructor, County Public Security Bureau, deputy investigator; July 1994 to January 1994, Renbaohong County Public Security Bureau, Ministry of Public Security; 1994; 1994 From January to January 1996, the public security department of Renbang County Public Security Bureau; from January 1996 to November 1996, Renbang County Public Security Bureau’s Criminal Police Brigade team leader; November 1997 to January 1997, The captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of Renbang County Public Security Bureau, is a project-based investigator; from January 1997 to April 2003, the deputy director of Renbang County Public Security Bureau; in December 2003, Renbang County Political Committee of the Public Security Bureau; From December 2005 to July 2009, Ren Yun Ning City Public Security Bureau Party Committee, Commission for Discipline Inspection, Police Inspector; July 2009 to September 2013, Ren Yun Ning City Public Security Bureau Party Committee member, deputy director From September 2013 to November 2016, Ren Ning City Public Security Bureau Party Committee member and researcher; November 2018 to August 2018, Ren Ning City Public Security Bureau researcher; August 2018, retired. (Responsible: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Shanhai love thicker struggle is the time (youth diary)

Shanhai love thicker struggle is the time (youth diary)

  I studied forestry in college is a technology professional, I learned that after learning the "straw box" sand prevention and control technology, Ningxia "green dyed sand" full of curiosity and admiration.

2016, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Committee of the Communist Youth League to the west of Fujian plans to recruit volunteers college student, I feel they are learning professionals come into play, was determined to go west, to the Ningxia to become a volunteer in the western region.

  Where I serve in Yanchi Haba Lake National Nature Reserve. Work, we have to deal with the situation hackle denudation willow, casual sheep sheds and other structures.

At first folks do not understand is not supported, we often curse out, driven out, I feel particularly aggrieved, but think of the people heart and soul of the work is needed, and I plan to volunteer a small western partners to adjust their thinking, to Patience The villagers say the policy, to help us find solutions.

Through the development of vegetable greenhouses, sheep and other greenhouses in captivity, we help them reduce their dependence on the natural environment, eventually got folks understanding and support.

Now meet again, folks are very enthusiastic to us. In three years of volunteer service in the western region, I met a lot of young people in Ningxia, in their encouragement and help me with this piece of land in Ningxia forged a bond. After the expiration of the service, I went back to Fujian, and my heart has been thinking about Ningxia.

By 2020, the group Ningxia District again to my invitation.

As the only child at home, my parents wanted my side, but in order to realize their dreams, and then I decided to Ningxia, Ningxia roots. In Ningxia District docking and guide the group, and I came to town in Fujian Nanjing, Fujian Ji Ning as young entrepreneurs, have a wider platform to play. First arrived here, I found Min Ning Zhennong special product quality is very good, but the lack of effective promotion.

So, the first thing I’ll hold. "I was Min Ning to speak" live, inviting the rich rural youth leaders, industry leaders, young entrepreneurs, "red network" as a live band Min Ningte color products goods, the first day of sales reached 96 million.

Now, Min Ning town red raspberry, milk Guagua, Agaricus and other agricultural products more familiar to people, become beautiful card Min Ning town.

  In order to give more young entrepreneurs to build Min Ning platform for exchanges and cooperation, expand Min Ning both specialty products sales channels, I founded the company, the more and better products sold to Fujian. I also serve as a delegate to the Fujian nine college students to carry out voluntary service in the western region of Ningxia preach exchange, with their own story of struggle, called for more young people to realize Ningxia youthful dreams, make beautiful flower bloom of youth to join the West in construction.

Recently, Mission District in Ningxia issued "to promote the return of the rural youth to join embodiment rural revitalization" for the return of young people into the township to build a broad platform for the release of the dividend policy, which makes us more confident, more determined to industry bigger and stronger, the contribution of youth power for rural revitalization. (The author is Fujian counterpart assistance rather poor cooperation in technical work, Ningxia and Fujian Ning margin Trading Company responsible person, interview by our reporter Liu Feng) (Editor: Liang Hongxin, Jia Ru) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

Taiyuan announced the hot spot of consumer complaints in the first half of the year

Taiyuan announced the hot spot of consumer complaints in the first half of the year

  Original title: In the first half of the consumer complaint hot spot, the car sales "Cats" Mainly concentrated in six aspects of automotive after-sales service, prepaid consumption, online shopping, tourism consumption, clothing shoe cap, mobile phone after-sales service.

In this regard, if the city consumers reminded that if consumers have been infringed in violations, they pay attention to the evidence of related notes in time. In the case of the operator’s negotiation, seek the help of the Consumers or Government’s related functional departments, It is necessary to maintain its legitimate rights and interests through legal ways. Car sales "cat greasy" complaint type: buy cars should not help disputes when enjoying relevant services, and consumer complaints are mainly concentrated in quality, contracts, and after-sales service. The specific manifestation is: 1. Do not honor the promise after playing a car. For example, there is no discount or subsidy that is committed when playing a car; 2. After-sales service quality and service attitude, etc. Typical case: Consumers have purchased a car in the old Jinxi Road speed 4S shop, paying 2000 yuan deposit, saying that can be used in the next year, and the staff of the 4S shop promises that the second year is not in the store. Deposit. The consumer is not in the 4S shop, but the 4S shop does not give consumers to reissue.

On March 13th, consumers came to the Municipal Consumers Association complaints, and the staff called the 4S shop to explain that things have passed, and the "Decomposition" and laws and regulations are popularized. Subsequently, the staff of the 4S shop told consumers to give a deposit to the deposit.

On March 17, consumers would pay back the deposit and expressed satisfaction. Consumption Tip: When purchasing a car, combined with actual needs, payment in the understanding of the business qualifications, credibility, vehicle details, and cost savings, etc., so as not to fall into the "trap"; when picking up the car, you should pay attention Whether the licensee is complete, the appearance is flawless; if you have quality problems, try to choose a qualified store for after-sales maintenance, and save the maintenance record. Prepaid consumption "old problem" complaint type: In recent years, various prepaid cards have become a convenient and fast consumption concept, there are many problems, and the main problems are concentrated in: the card timeline or Private coaches take place during the consumption process; the operators do not use the ownership or replacement of the boss, causing the consumer’s prepaid card to be used normally; if the consumer’s own reasons cannot be used, the merchant often does not give various reasons. retreat. Typical case: Mr. Li handed two fitness cards in the Fos Fitness Club in Pingyang Road.

In May, his lover was injured when poverty alleviation, Mr. Li went to the fitness club, allowing operators to extend the card time, and the other party agreed.

When Mr. Li’s lover is restored to the store, it is notified to be invalid.

Mr. Li believes that the operator is going to Bunder, and ask for a return. The staff of the Municipal Consumers Association Contact this store shall negotiate this matter. The other party expressed the application to the company, and the date of the opening date will be counted from Li Mr. Li, the two sides agree.

  Consumption Tips: When consumers apply for prepaid cards, they should keep relevant bills and materials. It should be added to the unclear matters to attach the contract to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of their own legitimate; the first time of consumption disputes first with the operator consultation Treatment, negotiation can not be reflected to the operator’s survesting condiction or market regulatory authorities, or sue to the court.

  Online shopping "anti-trap" complaint type: The 21st century is the network age, consumers can buy the favorite goods in the network platform without leaving home, convenient, fast, but the corresponding problem is mainly: online shopping products It is impossible to touch it directly. It can only be used to feel the quality of the feeling; the price of online quotation is inconsistent with the actual payment; the merchant promises that no reason to return will not be fulfilled.

  Typical case: March, Mr. Zhang booked 33 champagne roses through the Yiminhua shop on the "US Mission Takeaway" App, ready to give people, the price of 288 yuan, after the platform activities, the actual payment of 185 yuan, The system is displayed in 4 hours after the merchant.

At 14:59 on the same day, the order status of the platform has been delivered, the order is completed, Mr. Zhang has not received flowers.

On March 14, Mr. Zhang complained to the Municipal Consumers Association, and the staff contacted the person in charge of the US group takeaway.

On March 16, Mr. Zhang received a reply and returned the principal and gave 3 times compensation.

  Consumption Tips: Be sure to understand business credibility and evaluation when online shopping and whether the merchant is registered on the platform, do not have no right to defend the merchant "automatic disappearance" after shopping; If it is found that online quotation is not actually effective in time. Tourism disputes "really a lot" Complaint type: In recent years, consumers have become the main consumption project through travel agencies or online tourism platforms. The resulting tourism complaints frequently, the main problems are concentrated in: Tourism encounters local tour guides Sell; do not match the route signed by the travel agency, arrival at the attractions; the quality of the products purchased in the tourist attractions are not guaranteed. Typical case: On June 16th, the Municipal Consumers Association Gold Jewelry Industry Complaint Station received Mu Mu’s complaint, saying that when she was traveling in Xining in June, I passed a friend of 8600 yuan in a personal collection room. A nominal blood stone. Jade, I feel wrong after I come back, I will consult a complaint station.

Search from WeChat photos, this jade is not like a chicken blood stone. In order to identify the material, it is recommended that the complainant goes to the provincial jewelry jewelry product quality supervision and inspection station appraisal, and the identification results are dyed 岫 jade and issue an appraisal report. Ms. Mu Ms. Identification Report returned the goods through a friend. Consumption Tips: Do you need to be cautious when you go out to choose a travel agency, you need to check the official home or physical store in the official store, you are not laid in your business license information; when traveling outside, don’t easily buy valuables such as jewelry, if you want to buy a certain summary invoice and related Ticketing; if the quality of service disputes, consumer cats, etc., can communicate with the operators in accordance with the contract and related agreement; if the consultation can be solved, you can complain to the local tourism management department, or ask the consoic association and other departments to intervene the mediation . Clothing shoes and hats "complaints" complaint type: Commodity complaints, clothing shoes have always been the hot problem of consumers, mainly in: clothing is damaged, open, starting, fading, deformed, etc .; operators Do not fulfill the "three packs" commitment, refuse to return the goods or repairs, compensate for the demands. Typical case: On May 17, Ms. Zhang tried on two clothes in Vientiane City, Picarni clothing store, said that the price is worth 4190 yuan. Subsequently, the clerk did not get the recognition of Ms. Zhang, unauthorized clipping the clothing tag, and did not give the tag to Ms. Zhang. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang said not wanting, and ask the clerk to return, the other party refuses.

In desperation, Ms. Zhang pays. At the same time, it was also induced to buy a pair of shoes. Afterwards, Ms. Zhang felt unreasonable to complain to the Consumers Association. The staff contact the head of the store in time, May 20, I replied to the consumer full refund.

  Consumption Tips: In addition to comparing clothing, shoes and hats, in addition to comparing prices, we must carefully view the quality of goods, content, washing mode, etc. The invoice and tag after purchasing the goods must be kept well in order to defend the right. Communication products "After-sales owed" Complaint Type: Today, mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool, consumers pay more attention to shape, brand, capacity, etc. when purchasing mobile phones, and it is not known that after-sales issues are frequent.

Mainly focused on: Quality has a safety hazard; after-sales service can not keep up; function is actually inconsistent. Typical case: February 6

After purchasing the machine, the mobile phone activation date is found on January 31, 2019 after after sales. Mr. Li believes that the mobile phone has been required to refund, but the mall has not returned.

Mr. Li complained to the Consisters and the staff followed the person in charge of Vientiane City. On February 14, the feedback had been successfully returned to Mr. Li.

  Consumption Tips: Be sure to see if you have been removed, after opening, you want to observe if there is a flaw, the screen is displayed, the phone volume and the handset are normal; if you buy a mobile phone, you have to open your mobile phone settings. View "About mobile phone ", Test whether yourself buy.

(Reporter Li Xiaolin).

The global connection refugee crisis continues to ferment, can the EU have to work?

The global connection refugee crisis continues to ferment, can the EU have to work?

  Xinhua News Agency Brussels On November 17th, with the winter, the Northeast of Belarus has a steep temperature. Thousands of refugees took the cold tents on the border line, waiting for the arrival of humanitarian relief supplies. These refugees from the Middle East and other places have thought that from Belarus to Poland, Lithuania and other EU countries, and finally went to Western Europe, in this way, the "immigration dream", but did not expect a crisis that is quietly upgraded. The refugee crisis has emerged in Belarus and neighboring countries in August this year.

A large number of refugees from the Middle East are to enter Western Europe, Germany, and they will take the Belarus into the neighboring countries such as Poland and Lithuania.

    With the increasing refugees in the retention border, the local situation is increasing, and the Belarus and the Polish military have added manpower to the border. According to reports, due to the no sufficient food, water and medical protection in the border area, coupled with the need to avoid the arrest of Poland and Lithuania, including a large number of refugees, including the elderly, women and children.

  Poland, Lithuania and the EU share the current refugee crisis on Belarus.

The EU accused Bai Russia to transport refugees to the EU border and forced them to illegally enter the EU.

But Belarus denied this, and said that it is a Western sanction leading to its "no money" control refugee tide.

EU: The pressure of new sanctions is committed to the refugee crisis, Poland and Lithuania have helps the European Union, requiring a sanctions to Belarus.

The European Union held a Foreign Minister in Brussels, Belgium, and decided to implement new sanctions against Belarus. The EU Diplomacy and Safety Policy Senior Representative Balell said at the press conference held after the meeting, the new sanctions will have an impact on certain individuals and entities, and the specific sanctions will be announced in the next few days.

He accused the "encouragement" immigrants into the EU territory, saying that the EU border will not be unrestricted, and refugees should enter the EU through legal ways.

  For the EU decision, the President of Belarus Luchenko is tough. He said on the 15th that Bai Fang is committed to returning refugees staying in the country and the Band of the Polish, but if the European Union applies a new round of sanctions against Belarus, the white party will be counter-harvest. European and American Western countries have so far have implemented multi-wheel sanctions in Belarus. Among them, the EU has been fraudulently existed by the Presidential Presidential in August last year, and four rounds of sanctions were implemented, involving 166 individuals and 15 entities, and the content of sanctions is mainly to travel ban and asset freezing. After the Aviation Aviation incident this year, the EU banned all white Russian flights flying over the European Union and entered the EU airport and implemented targeted economic sanctions. These problems are more difficult in 2015, from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., millions of people flock to European countries, which triggered the most serious refugee crisis after World War II. Refugee invested into the European society’s internal immigration, religion, culture, etc., to breed European terrorism, leading to European society.

This profound lesson is still printed in the European hearts, and the tide of preventing refugees has also become the consensus of European national leaders. In six years, when a large number of refugees stayed in a white Russian border, the European scars were once again unveiled.

In order to avoid the refugee crisis reproduction, the EU decided to add sanctions against Belarus.

  However, analysts pointed out that Western countries have previously implemented multi-wheel sanctions in Belarus, not only do not make Belarus yield, but may trigger the following more difficult issues. First, the new sanctions may lead to the rebound of the EU attitude toward the EU, and the Russian air gas transportation is cut off to Europe. Second, the EU’s new sanctions may cause white Russia to relate to Russian relations.

In fact, Belarus has recently indeed strengthened contact with Russia, Lucashenko 9th, on the 16th, the refugee crisis twice with Russia Putin.

In the near future, there are some military actions. The two strategic bombers in Russia and the White Air Force have implemented patrol missions on white-collar air, and the two armies also conducted a fight mission in the white territory. Third, because the external contradictions of the refugee crisis have not been alleviated in time, the internal contradiction between the EU member states has gradually highlighted. Poland and Lithuani hopes to build a "isolation wall" to limit immigrants, but the European Union has long-term refusal to provide funding for repairing walls for long-term considerations.

In addition, Poland also opposes the Treatment of EU intervenes to border refugees. Recently, Germany and French leaders have launched diplomats to solve the refugee crisis. Russia has expressed its wish to mediate the refugee crisis, Belarus also expressed hopes to resolve the crisis as soon as possible. Analysts believe that the latest decisions of the EU’s additional sanctions make the relationship between the two parties more tense, and the EU is difficult to impose effective impact on white neighboring countries to alleviate the situation, whether these diplomatic efforts can achieve achievements in the short term. (Reporter: Lin Hao, Li Wei, He Yue, Lu Jinbo, Zhang Zhang; Reporter: Renkov; Editor: Ma Xiaoyan, Wang Fengfeng, Lu Yu; Clip: Sun Shuo) Xinhua News Agency, China Production Xinhua News Agency International Communication Fusion Platform .

The Municipal Party Committee held the leading cadres meeting to convey the spirit of learning the central economic work conference

The Municipal Party Committee held the leading cadres meeting to convey the spirit of learning the central economic work conference

  On December 11, the Municipal Party Committee held a leading cadre meeting to convey the spirit of studying the central economic work conference. Chen Min, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking.

Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Tang Liangzhi, Director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Zhang Xuan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and the municipal party members attended.

  The meeting pointed out that the central economic work conference is an important meeting of the central government after the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party. It is a significant and far-reaching significance for our consenscing consensus, firm confidence and trusting.

General Secretary Xi Jinping was published in the meeting, with the overall vision, the vision and grandeur, profoundly summed up the economic work of the year, and analyzed the current international and economic situation, clearly pointed out the direction of the next economic work. Focus, there are both epistemology and methodology, further enriching the development of Xi Jinping’s economic thinking, is a program for guiding the current and future economic work. Prime Minister Li Keqiang makes concrete deployment of economic work next year, with strong guiding and targeted. The city must further enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", learn to implement the spirit of the central economic work conference, and promote the party’s central decision-making and deployment landing roots, meet excellent results The party’s twenty victory was held.

  The meeting emphasized that this year is a two-year-old year in the history of the party and the country, and it will also be a year of loading the history. The Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping shall take a new pace with a new step in the centenary of the century, and the new development patterns will be taken, and the high-quality development has achieved a new achievement, achieving the "14th Five-Year Plan"

my country’s economic development and epidemic prevention and control maintain the world’s leading position, the national strategic scientific and technological power is accelerating, the industrial chain toughness is improved, and the reform and opening up is advanced, and the people’s livelihood guarantee is effective, and the construction of ecological civilization continues to advance.

The achievement of these achievements is the most funded by General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the strong leaders of the party centronics in Xi Jinping as the core, in Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideological science guidelines. We must translate the "two established" political achievements to resolutely achieve the political consciousness of "two maintenance", unify thinking and actions into economic work, and profound understanding must adhere to Party Central Committee It is necessary to adhere to high quality development. It must be adhered to steady, and the important requirements of coordination must be strengthened, and it is firmly implemented to all aspects of our city’s economic work. The meeting pointed out that the party’s twentieth majority will be held next year. This is a major event in the party and the national political life, and it is very important for future economic work.

It is necessary to unify thoughts and actions to the central government’s analysis and judgment, adhere to the bottom line thinking, strengthen the problem-oriented, more active, more precise tactics, and constantly do strong economics Basis, enhanced comprehensive strength. To unify thoughts and actions to the overall requirements and policy orientation of the Party Central Committee, promote the spirit of great Justice party, adhere to the stability, and strive to advance, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate, and comprehensively implement the new development concept. , Service and integration into the new development pattern, co-ordination prevention and control and economic and social development, coordinate development and safety, continue to do "six stable", "six guarantees" work, and promote high-quality development roads, more wider, in stable macro New as a new economic market.

To unify our thoughts and actions to the Party Central Committee to describe the system of major theories and practical issues, correctly understand and grasp the strategic objectives and practical ways to achieve common prosperity, correctly understand and grasp the characteristics and behavioral laws of capital, correctly understand and grasp the primary Product supply guarantees, correctly understand and grasp the major risks, correctly understand and grasp the carbon Dharma carbon. It is necessary to unify thoughts and actions to the Party Central Committee to strengthen and improve the party’s requirements for economic work leadership, put the improvement of political judgment, political understanding, political implementation to action, learn historical knowledge, thick cultural heritage, and strengthen Ecological concepts, respect objective practical and mass needs, strengthen system thinking, strengthen investigation and research, pay close attention to work, and improve the ability of leadership economic work.

  The meeting emphasized that the year will close, and thousands of workers will work. The various departments at all levels must scientifically do a good job of normalized epidemic prevention and control, adhere to the "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", and resolutely hold the unpatiable prevention and control results. It is necessary to do a good job in economic work at the end of the year, and the target tasks determined at the beginning of the year, grasp the detection and leakage, and ensure that the whole year will accept the official, next year.

We must promote the real thing in the focus of the people’s livelihood, and plan to arrange the supply of coal-electricity and gas and gas, and do a good job in the price of grain and oil meat eggs and vegetables. It is necessary to strictly grasp the safety and stability work, and strictly prevent serious accidents, and earnestly maintain social harmony and stability. It is necessary to firmly promote the comprehensiveness of the party, do a good job in order, strengthen the construction of party style and clean government, and continue to create a good political ecology. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the city participated. (Reporter Yang Fan Zhang Wei) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing Let more people see.

Total investment is 5 billion yuan! Another head company is contracting in the new energy

Total investment is 5 billion yuan! Another head company is contracting in the new energy

All of this reporter’s signature text, pictures, and copyright are all in Xin’an Evening News. Any media, website or individual, no authorization, link, reposted, or otherwise copy the published; authorized media, website, in use, "Source: Xin’an Evening News or Anhui Net", illegal will be based on law Pursue legal responsibility. Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Damu News News November 17 Technological Co., Ltd. representatives attended the signing ceremony.

Yongfeng Low Carbon Regeneration Aluminum New Material Light Front Frame Project is located in Fanchang Opened District, which is a listing of Yonghao Technology Co., Ltd. to be listed. The planned total investment is 5 billion, the planned land area is about 800 mu, which uses the current most advanced process, equipment, and construction of 360,000 tons of low-carbon regeneration aluminum new material photovoltaic border production line. After the project is completed, the annual output value is 10 billion yuan, and the annual tax is more than 300 million yuan. In recent years, in the future, the prosperous development of the new development concept is, vigorously promotes high-quality development, gathering the construction of zero-carbon smart industrial park, CITIC Bo New Energy, Yu Hui Feihe Industrial Park, New Energy Industry Project, etc. Head enterprises sign up. Future, Future, will continue to be strong, extended to the PV new energy industry chain, to achieve the "carbon peak" "carbon neutral and" contribute to the prosperity. Ma Jinxin Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Damu News reporter Sun Wei Editor: Tao Na.