Thirteenth Hainan Provincial National Fitness Sports Closing 2021

Thirteenth Hainan Provincial National Fitness Sports Closing 2021

  On the evening of August 31, the 13th Hainan Provincial National Fitness Games closed in Haikou.

The present sports will have a number of Olympic Games in the theme of "National Fitness and Olympics". There were 30 national fitness sports meeting masses, and there were 8 fitness platform projects, attracted 34 delegations in the province, and 2,206 athletes participated. Breaking the "barrier" that is only limited to the city’s team, expand social participation, is the biggest highlight of the National Fitness Games. It is also an important step in the Hainan Provincial National Fitness Council and close to the masses.

It is understood that more than 34 delegations in this year’s national fitness sports meeting, except for the delegations of various cities and counties (excluding Sansha), and 15 provincial-level industries such as Hainan Gas Association, Haihang Group, Hainan Provincial Folk Dance Association Association, state-owned enterprise units. The relevant person in charge of the Hainan Provincial Travel Hall said that Hainan Provincial National Fitness Games is an important platform for national fitness work. The National Fitness Games will break through the city and county unit restrictions, increase the provincial industry association and state-owned enterprises to participate in the competition, aim Create the National Fitness Sports to become the best stage for the broad masses of the people to participate in the national fitness. Another highlight of this National Fitness Games is to promote national fitness activities through the "Dongfeng" of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

At the beginning of the national "national fitness day" event Hainan Province, the interactive project of "Optoelectronic Shooting" is deeply loved by the public.

According to the leader of the project, "Optoelectronic Shooting" is a new model of daily shooting at the shooting movement, referring to the specialty shot of the Olympic competition project, the gas pistol, and other proportion of photoelectric training equipment, high security, and the participation threshold . The relevant person in charge of the Hainan Provincial Travel Hall said that the improvement of the fitness facilities and the introduction of sports events have driven the enthusiasm of the national fitness in Hainan Province.

In recent years, the construction of national fitness infrastructure in Hainan Province has been improved year by year, and 16 counties have been built or in the construction of the national fitness center, and two city counties are planned. In addition, "15 minutes of fitness circle" is basically formed, and the coverage of farmers in the administrative village is reachable, and urban and rural residents enjoy sports public services to be more balanced. Next, Hainan will develop a "Hainan Provincial National Fitness Implementation Plan (2021-2025)", continue to improve and enhance the level of fitness development in Hainan Province. (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Shijiazhuang City CDC: Temperature drop scientific prevention and control flu

Shijiazhuang City CDC: Temperature drop scientific prevention and control flu

  Winter and spring is a high season of respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza.

The immunization plan of Shijiazhuang City Center for Disease Control and Control Center reminds the general public to attach great importance to the prevention of flu. Experts introduction, influenza spread rapidly, can cause seasonal epidemic every year, where you’ve aggregated places in the school, child care institutions and nursing homes, etc. Influenza, in the crowd leads to heavier health and economic burden, the influenza disease in different people is different, pregnant women, infants, elderly, and chronic basic disease patients, patients with severe diseases and deaths Higher. Especially this year, the global new crown epidemic situation will continue to continue, and this winter will appear in a new crown epidemic and influenza superimposed. Experts said that due to the treatment of drugs with no effects, the prevention flu is very important.

Since the influenza is mainly transmitted by air foam, it is also possible to spread directly to the secretion of patients, and the main preventive measures include: developing good hygiene habits, washing hands, and change clothes.

The room is often ventilated and keeps the air fresh. Strengthen physical exercise, balance the diet. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, and take care of vitamin C and vitamin E.

The flu is high, and there is no more crowded and air dirty place.

When the influenza epidemic, isolate the treatment of patients and disinfected in time.

Inoculating flu vaccines are the most economical and effective measures to prevent influenza. It is recommended that children, elderly, chronic patients, etc. should be vaccinated as soon as possible. (Reporter Wang Liqiang).

The old man in the car suddenly coma, one bus stop, rescue, the hospital

The old man in the car suddenly coma, one bus stop, rescue, the hospital

All of this reporter’s signature text, pictures, and copyright are all in Xin’an Evening News. Any media, website or individual, no authorization, link, reposted, or otherwise copy the published; authorized media, website, in use, "Source: Xin’an Evening News or Anhui Net", illegal will be based on law Pursue legal responsibility.

Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Damu News On December 6th, a scene of a scene in the bus running, an old passenger suddenly fainted, after other passengers issued a help signal, the bus stopped rescue the car, quickly Send it to the nearby hospital. At 3:50 pm on December 6, the bus group micro 3 driver Gu Juan was driving a bus to Zhongrong Street Station, and the latter row suddenly came from call: "Driver, not good, someone Dizzy. "Gu Juan slowed down the speed, found an old man tilted on the seat from the rear view mirror.

The front row of passengers holding the elderly while shouting the old man, hoping to wake him up. After the car entered the bus platform, Gu Juan simply asked the situation, and saw that the old man was in a coma, realizing that you must rescue immediately.

Here, the Second People’s Hospital of 蚌 蚌 City has recently, after she is simply communicating with passengers in the car, and then drives the bus to the second hospital.

On the way, the passengers next to Gu Juan, to help the old man from preventing falling, speeding up speed, for the rescue of the elderly.

Drive to the hospital door, the car just stopped, Gu Juan opened the door and rushed down.

After a brief explanation of hospital security, the hospital immediately arranged a first aid doctor to come to the consultation. At this point, the old man is pale, cold hands and feet, and if there is no breathing, there is no sense. Doctor, security guards and some enthusiastic passengers together force the elderly from the car to the stretcher, and push to the rescue room for rescue. The reporter learned today that due to timely, successful medical treatment, the elderly have been out of danger. "At the time, due to the urgency, the first thought is that the heart is tight, but only the strength of your own strength and raising your hand." Gu Juan said. Wei Zheng Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Damu News reporter Li Yong edited Xu Dapeng.

Total investment is 59.776 billion!Xianyang City, 53 key projects in August

Total investment is 59.776 billion!Xianyang City, 53 key projects in August

Xianyang City’s key project is concentrated on the scene.Xianyang Daily Full Media Reporter Yang Yuyu photo "Dunnan) Today, Xianyang City’s key project is mobilized, and there are 53 projects in the day, and the total investment billion yuan, annual investment billion yuan.According to reports, these projects cover innovative drivers, advanced manufacturing, traditional industrial transformation, modern service industry, water conservancy and agricultural rural, social undertakings and cultural tourism, new urbanization, transportation infrastructure, ecological environments 9 areas.

The main venue of the mobilization meeting is located in the Qindu District Huiqi Power Group R & D and production base project, the total investment of 800 million yuan, mainly building research and development office buildings, smart grids and high and low pressure equipment production workshops, warehouse warehouses and related supporting facilities,It is expected that the annual output value of 1 billion yuan can be achieved after completion, and the comprehensive tax is about 45 million yuan.(Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

The three nuclear submarines were floating in China while

The three nuclear submarines were floating in China while

The United States "National Interest" 10th "reveals" a "fact that" upcoming forgotten facts "- 2010, three US nuclear submarines carrying more than 400 cruise missiles have also floated around China," The signals they pass make ChinaExtremely shocked.This very "headline party" news made the old driver for half a day – China was really shocked by three American nuclear submarines?After more than ten years, the US media will turn it out and want to explain it?According to the "National Interest" website, the US Land Company analysts Folier Morgan described in its new books that "remote heavy bomber is one of the best powers of the stable crisis", because the bomber is powerful, flexible and extremely conspicuousIt is very suitable for "display strength and release signal"; the effect of the US Navy’s objection missile is poor, "because most of their time is hidden in the water."

However, he mentioned an alternative to become the highlight of this news – the US "Ohio" Class Cruise Missile Nuclear Submarine "has indeed helped stabilize a crisis in 2010 – this move is almost historical."

  The "Ohio" grade cruise missile nuclear submarine said that in July 2010, three US cruise missile nuclear submarines surfaced in the West Pacific and the Indian Ocean waters, allegedly "to express the dissatisfaction of the United States to China’s trial missile in the East China Sea "After the Chinese missile test, the United States intends to use a powerful submerged missile to show the United States’s strength, as if Washing said to Beijing:" Your missile may let us be shocked. But we have a lot of missiles – and they are not far from you.

"The report said that the" Michigan "nuclear submarine in Busan, South Korea," Ohio "in the Philippines Suich Bay," Florida "in Diggasia in the Indian Ocean.

These three submarines can carry 462 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles, a senior martial arts in Asian countries, said "more than 460 ‘Tottoah’ in any language" huge potential deterrent "." The old driver checked A report similar to "3 US nuclear submarines simultaneously to make China extremely uneasy", from October this year, it has already appeared in a number of US media, the content is also different, and three "Ohio"-level cruise missile nuclear submarines are rendered. Is "how to make China frightened". The first question is that there is anything happening? Old driver found that in July 2010, the Hong Kong "Nanhua Morning Post" and the US "Times" magazine website did have reported "three American nuclear submarines while surrounding the surroundings of China".

Relevant reports said that the US Navy announced that four "Ohio" cruise missile nuclear submarines were all all all from the mother port to remote deployment.

Among them, "Michigan" is in Busan, South Korea, "Ohio" in the Philippines Suibi Bay, "Florida" in front of the Indian Ocean strategy, Dongatha, Di Galgia, has never been seen since the end of the Cold War, "these three The location of a port looks like a siege to China. "At that time, the US military announced the" Michigan "nuclear submarine docked by the photo of Busan, South Korea, said that the US military announced the" Michigan "nuclear submarine docked by Busan, South Korea, American experts It is said that the US military is designed to shock China and convey its attitude and determination to force the Asia-Pacific dominance. This is also part of the US government to move the power from the Atlantic to the Pacific, which is considered Washington as a military key in the 21st century. However, the old driver noticed that only the US International Strategic Research Center China experts Bonnie Glazer said that the United States decided to strengthen the power in the Pacific, "will cause China to pay attention", but did not mention China’s response, not more China has been greatly shocked. " The US official also delegated this "obviously chaling" statement. "Time" magazine said that US officials denied that this is a coincidence that these three cruise missile nuclear submarines are simultaneously coincidental. Obviously, the statement of "3 US nuclear submarines in China around China" has appeared, but the so-called "China is extremely shocked" pure American media "brain supplement".

The old driver thinks that the "China Missile Threat" in the United States has recently specifically fried "China Missile Threat", may have some American media feel "too much of the wind", so I want to take out "3 US nuclear submarines when I shock China". Just 10 years later, with the continued improvement of China’s military modernization, "China is shocked by 3 US nuclear submarines", it seems to be more ridiculous, so many netizens have a message in the US media. "This is the best joke this month … The old driver wants to say, with the continuous advancement of the Liberation Army A series of problems such as the relative fixation of the route, the radar reflection area is a series of problems in the modern comprehensive air defense system, and China is just one of the countries with a complete comprehensive air defense system. Therefore, even three US cruise missile nuclear submarines carrying 462 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles, but not only to the deterrent, but it is revealing his own whereabouts.

In fact, the so-called "deterrence movements of China" in the past years are there a lot, and there are similar "sending aircraft in China to patrol" "to deploy the most advanced invisible fighters to China" Everyone see is that the United States began to consider the withdrawal of the Asia-Pacific partner to the second island chain, these so-called "deterrent", the effect is imagined.

  The "Florida" cruise missile nuclear submarine in Diggasia base, these four "Ohio" cruise missile nuclear submarines were originally built in the early 1980s, the "Ohio" grade strategic nuclear submarine, due to its service After too long, the US Navy removed the subcontracting intercontinental missile of the boat in 2002 and replaced with 154 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles.

Nowadays, the boat has been close to the end of service, and all will be retired in the next few years, and the local attack will be borne to the "Virginia"-level attack nuclear submarine.

This also means that this super-nuclear submarine that can carry hundreds of cruise missiles will exit the historical stage.

This "deterrence lineup" in the United States is about to become the past, this is too ironic.

Tibet procuratorial organs norm the orderly propulsion to plead guilty from the wide system

Tibet procuratorial organs norm the orderly propulsion to plead guilty from the wide system

  The picture shows on September 27th, the conference site.

 Jiang Feibo’s photo "Credit critic is wide, refers to the criminal suspects that voluntarily confess their own crimes, sincere regret, willing to accept punishment, the defendant, according to law, from the procedures from simple or entities from wide processing.

"On the 27th, Mima Ren, deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Procuratorate, introduced at a press conference, the three-level procuratorates in the region, implement less and carefully incending to curse the judicial concept, and norm the orderly propulsion of critic penalties from the wide system.

  He said that the procuratorate fully exerts the "After the Trial Trial of Former Investigation", the procuratorial function advantages, collaborative investigation, and the trial authority use good to admire from the wide system.

Since January 2020, in the review of the arrest of the arrest, we pay attention to the interpretation of the suspect, and guide the investigation authority to fully collect, fix evidence, and the prosecution of the procuratorates will continue to investigate and continue to investigate.

  Since the system promotes, the Tibet Autonomous Region Procuratorate has implemented less than the prostitute, and the criminal is slight, the social harm is not large, and it is not approved by law and does not decide to arrest 341. 599 people, with conditions do not prosecute 20 people. The procuratorial machine shall listen to the opinion of criminal suspects and their defenders, and to make a quantitative propensity, the proposal, the proposal, the propose, and the propose, the proposal, the proposal, the proposed proposal, try to specifically, clear, conducive to the criminal suspect Reduce repentions and unnecessary appeals. Mima Kan said that the Tibet Autonomous Region Procuratorate filed a public prosecution of 3,746 prosecutors, proposed 3014 propensions, which proposed 1935 to determine the propensity of the sentence, and proposed 1079 propensions. The people’s court adopted procuratorial organs to plead guilty. A total of 2,705 propensions, accounting for the number of sentencing recommendations. He said that the income penalty has been promoted from the wide system. Most of the accused expressed the case of critic and penalty cases, the judgment, the people’s court of the people’s courts have given 30,59 cases of critic, and proposed only 57 people. The appeal rate is only%, effectively reducing the defendant’s repentance and unnecessary appeal, saving judicial resources. Director of the First Procuratorate of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the four senior prosecutor Deji explained that the procuratorial organs handled the case of incubation of critics and their advice of the cases and their agents, prompting criminal suspects, the defendant passed the victim For the loss, the apology, etc., and as an important consideration from wide punishment. The suspect, the defendant pleaded guilty, but did not decline, compensation, failed to reach a mediation or reconciliation agreement with the victim, discretion from wide amplitude. For the victims of judicial assistance, the procuratorate actively coordinates the application for judicial assistance. (End) (Editor: Once Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share more people to see.

The school builds a beautiful point is not wrong, why is this "luxury middle school" confused?

The school builds a beautiful point is not wrong, why is this "luxury middle school" confused?

Zhen’an County Town An Middle School Building Group (July 30, drone photos).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Shao Rui’s "luxury" campus: spend more than 20 million yuan to cut the mountain waterfall waterfall, multiple leadership office is suspected to exceed the problem of solving urban dispersions, starting in 2015, Zhen’an County began to build Xincheng Zhongli project. The new university site is located in Taiping Village, Yongle Street, Zhen’an County, 14 kilometers away from the county, and has been delivered in the near future.

The school introduces that the school covers an area of ??272 mu, with a total construction area of ??10,000 square meters, which is planned to accommodate 6,000 students.

The reporter has seen the foundation of the new school building, dormitory building, dining tower, gymnasium, teacher apartment, etc., and the 120 teaching classes, which set 120 teaching classes. However, the campus is more conspicuously unrelated to the teaching: from the antics of antiquity to the campus, 4 layers of fountain water view along the trail, 16 stone carfalls, 1 side, one party is about 8 meters long, rice height The school motto is located in the end of the fountain. According to the school staff, the water is taken from the "squid jumping the gantry", and the school training stone monument from Xi’an is expected to be five or six thousand yuan. Through the huge square arch of the school executive building, the triple is spierop, and the Temple of Temple is built on the high platform. There are some reading rooms inside the building, but there is a low space utilization rate, and a sand table is placed in the high-level China court.

In the campus, in addition to the stone barriers seen everywhere, each building has the roof of Tang-style building.

There is about 50 meters from the southwest corner, and there is a pavilion on a multi-level waterfall, a rockery, a rock, a watermaster, a watellite, a water view, a stone arch bridge, and a water view.

The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference launched the second phase of the anti-coronal pneumonia epidemic

The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference launched the second phase of the anti-coronal pneumonia epidemic

How does the new crown virus pass from bats? As the weather is turning hot, will the new crown virus disappear? Airplane, high-speed rail, green tip car … Which kind of means of use is safer? What enlightenment does the new crown pneumonia epidemic give me an emergency management of public health incidents in my country? The "Committee Lecture Hall" program made by the General Office of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference launched the second phase of the anti-coronag pneumonia epidemic special program, invited the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Sun Chengye analyzed the epidemic situation from their respective professional fields. Prevention and control It is recommended to promote and prevent and prevent the public to establish a healthy living concept. The "Committee" is a national CPPCC to learn to implement the implementation of the DPRK, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, on strengthening and improving the important ideas of the People’s Political Consultative Conference. It is a commissioned community for the Political Consultative Conference, and the condomation of the society, aggregation and communication consensus A new mechanism platform is also an important window for the new era of the Political Consultative Committee. "Commissioner Lecture" aims to guide the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference in the two-way efforts of the principal and agricize consensus, assist the party and the government to coordinate relationships, solve the release, the emotions, resolve contradictions, and better play the positive leadership, condense The role, better responsibility for the participants, practitioners and promoters of the People’s Political Consultative Conference, and play a special consultation with the people’s Political Consultative Conference to showcase my country’s political system advantage. Review:.

Soft environment in the sign language class "soft environment"

Soft environment in the sign language class "soft environment"

  Author: Gu Jie as a reporter of the Contact Disabled Persons’ Association, you can’t deal with disabled people, many of which can only rely on hearing disabled people with sign language communication. Because I don’t sign, I have to communicate in an interview.

Not long ago, I learned that the news of the Shanghai 2021 hand-speaking service project Social class is free to conduct a five-week sign language training for free, and there is no hesitation.

  When I went to class on the first day, I found that the classroom was full of Dangdang.

I only know that from the age of 19 and 66, there are students in different ages. The occupation is also a five-flowers, there are students, civil servants and company staff, including police, journalists and medical staff, have customer service, tour guides and volunteers, even There is also a full-time mother. The language is to eliminate the tools, and the sign language is one of the most important ways to treat groups and outside. According to statistics, as of 2020, Shanghai held nearly 600,000 people with disabilities, of which 80,000 people with hearing. But compared with the huge urban population, persons with disabilities are still a few, and their rights need to be guaranteed. Over the years, Shanghai has been advocating the construction of an obstachable environment, providing convenience of persons with disabilities from all aspects of life, and the social support of hardware facilities such as blind, unobstructed elevators is also a lot.

But at the same time, the construction of a barrier-free "soft environment" cannot be ignored, and even more important. The so-called unobstructed "soft environment" is a social atmosphere to accumulate friendly, integrated equality. It is a soft service based on hardware, which provides a multi-aspect of disabled groups. Support, let them dare to go out of the house, dare to seek help from the sound people, dare to participate in social activities.

Obviously, breaking the sign language between the disabled and the sound of people, is closely related to the "soft environment".

  The appearance of the "soft environment" improvement effect is often going to experience a long process than the hardware facilities. Taking the sign language, if you want to achieve smooth exchange of disabled people, the learning cost is not low, but the corner or window that has not yet been extended in some public services, it is often dependent on such soft service. Many times, this is a mutual help between ordinary citizens, and the role of "lubricant" in society is, it seems small, and the fact is not orten. We said that the city must have temperature, how to make this temperature really landed, often in action. The more you need a long time to work, the more you need public, the government and the society are patient, and more attention and energy will be put into attention. For many people who have never had a hand in the disabled, learning the sign language is the first step in them, which is worth encouraging.

  In the sign language class, different students came to come with the same purpose. There is a college student who participated in the disabled activities, I want to "learn a skill" better for the disabled people; there is grassroots cadres from the streets, I hope to learn more help after the sign language; there is a badminton The coach told me that he expects to learn the sign language, you can have the opportunity to teach the disabilities to play badminton … After the training, the students walk on different jobs, truly learn to use, provide real help for people with disabilities. It is the true meaning of the sign language class, and it is also an embodiment of urban temperature falls.

  Of course, learn to speak, it is just a beginning.

Just as the sign language teacher is emphasized by the students: "If you want to truly communicate with disabled friends, you have to really close their lives." It is the basis for care for better landing.

This kind of concession is inseparable from the cultivation of urban civilized soil.

It is through "playing" one sign language, and the students know that there is also a "dialect" and "Mandarin". It is the original disabled in the silent world. You can also express what you think. "Language" is even more interesting than words falling on the pen. Just, you can really listen to the "sound" people, or not enough. The ancients said: "Old, old, people of people; young, young, people,", "emphasizes the role of work. Whether it is a staff member or an ordinary citizen, in the face of a vulnerable group, if you can have more things thinking, standing on the other party’s situation, there are more feelings, perhaps avoiding many this will not be produced. Question, the city will have more temperature. (Gu Jie) [Editor: Cui Ying].

The Ministry of Education is deployed to do a good job in the winter heating in the northern rural school, and the school is not allowed to be cold due to lack of money.

The Ministry of Education is deployed to do a good job in the winter heating in the northern rural school, and the school is not allowed to be cold due to lack of money.

Core Tip: Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to do a good job in the winter heating in the rural school in the northern region of this winter, ensuring that the majority of teachers and students will safely and clean the winter. This newspaper (Reporter Gao Yizhe) Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to do a good job in the winter heating in the northern region of today’s winter, ensuring that the majority of teachers and students will be deployed safely.

The notice emphasizes that this year’s energy prices continue to rise, domestic coal, power supply continues to be tight, and energy supply guarantees triggered social concerns, the warmth and middle schools in the heating season, especially the heating protection of rural schools in the northern region, is the top priority, The teachers and students are physically and mentally warm, and the education system reform and development is stable. Everything is necessary to attach great importance to the ideological, and ensure safe operation of each school in the region, especially rural primary and secondary schools, warm winter. Notification requirements, to increase fiscal support, do not allow a school to be cold because of lack of money.

All localities should take the initiative to coordinate the financial sector, and coordinate the public funds of the public funds, and the poverty schools, boarding schools, small-scale schools, and rural teaching points are given to the poverty schools, boarding schools, and small-scale schools, and rural teaching points. Supported regions to explore the school heating according to the heating area, implement heating metering charges, centrally purchasing heating can be used, and the support of the school heating spending is reduced. It is necessary to strengthen coordination and docking, priority to ensure the energy requirements of school heating. All localities should use the rural primary and secondary schools to warm the weight, priority to protect the school gas, electricity, and stabilize the coal level. Implementation of clean and heating areas, we must adhere to the gas-changing modification and adjustment of the electrical adjustment, and the local system is appropriate, and the school cleaning and warmth is implemented. When the current natural gas price has risen sharply, the ability is fully considered, appropriate Grasping the rhythm, the school clean heating reform work should be deployed under the unified deployment of local governments, and suspend the promotion of large-scale coal to gas. Schools that have not had cleaning heating conditions in short-term, continue to use clean coal in the premise of safety and make reserves in advance. It is necessary to force the string of safety and resolutely prevent heating safety accidents.

Safety responsibility is greater than the sky, and everywhere should be placed in the heart, establish and improve the safety risk prevention and control work mechanism for winter heating.

Primary and secondary school classroom, the dormitory is strictly forbidden to use open flame heating, strengthen winter heating safety education, especially the regular safety heating reminder education, and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning accidents. "China Education News" November 17, 2021 2nd Edition name: News · News Author: Reporter Gao Yizhe.