Tongren City informed the old cadre in the city’s economic and social development

Tongren City informed the old cadre in the city’s economic and social development

This newspaper (Tongren Daily Heading Media Reporter Wang Anhong) On November 12, Tongren City held the economic and social development of the city’s old cadres and notified the city’s economic and social development this year. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the mayor of the mayor, attended the meeting and was notified, and Zhao Jihong, Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

Liu Dongping, Zheng Daming, Cheng Yu Ming, Wang Kunming, Cheng Zhengquan, Zhang Yunjun, Rao Zhenghai, Long Weidong and other retired veteran cadres attended the meeting.

The contribution of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to the Old Cadre of the City, and the old comrades expressed their sincere gratitude to the contribution of Tongren’s economic and social development.

He said that since this year, we have insisted that the overall quality development is committed to the "four new" main attack "four-way", high-quality implementation "industry strong city, ecological land, digital, cultural, cultural, harmonious The city "five major projects, the new industrial momentum is strong, the urban and rural appearance is new, the modern agriculture is improved, the tourism industry has continuously blowout, the digital economy, the industry is fruitful, the ecological advantages are more highlighting, the social overallity is harmonious and stable, economic development There is a steady, steady and highly improved, stable and good, high quality development has achieved a good start. So step, the city will adhere to the problem-oriented, target orientation, resulting orientation, riveting the strength, attacking hard, striving to consolidate the feature guarantee, struggling to springer, the whole year. Leisure said that Tongren today’s achievements are inseparable from the old leaders, the attention, support and payment of the old comrades, and condense the wisdom, sweat and hard dedication of the old leaders and old comrades.

The municipal party committee and the municipal government will always put the work of the old cadres in an important position, and do their best to do service guarantee.

I hope that the old leaders, the old comrades continue to care about the development of Tongren, continue to give full play to their respective political advantages, cultural advantages, style advantages and experience advantages, and make new and greater contributions to Tongren development.

The relevant department is responsible for comrades to participate in the meeting. Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Shandong Economic and Trade Culture Week at the opening of the opening of the opening of the forum

Shandong Economic and Trade Culture Week at the opening of the opening of the opening of the forum

People’s Daily Online Taipei, October 29 (Reporter Wu Yaming, Ren Chengqi) This morning, the Luzai cooperation development forum opened in the Yuanshan Hotel, and the experts in the two places will further promote the in-depth discussion of Ruai Economic and Trade Cooperation.

Governor of Shandong Province, Guo Shuqing, China Kuomintang Honor Chair, Wang Zhigang, Chairman of the Chairman of the Sea Branch, and Wang Zhigang, Chairman of the Taiwan Trade Center, etc. Attend the forum. When the topic speech, Guo Shuqing put forward five suggestions for Ruai cooperation: First, expand trade cooperation; Second, expand two-way investment; three, deepen service industry cooperation; four, strengthen agricultural fishery technology cooperation; five, strengthen humanities communicate with.

At the invitation of the Taiwan Trade Center, Guo Shuqing rate the Shandong Exchange Group in Taiwan, held the "2013 Taiwan Shandong Economic and Trade Culture Week" series of "2013 Taiwan Shandong Economic and Trade Week". During the visit, the Shandong Exchange Group will also host the Luzai family association, the emerging industry cooperation forum, and "Forever Confucius" cultural exhibition, Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, the famous branch of the Taiwan Straits Series economic and cultural exchange activities, and to Keelung, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien and other places, with people from all walks of life, community residents and farm fishermen.

Relieve success in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle

Relieve success in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle

From August 23 to 24, General Secretary Xi Jinping was invested and made an important speech in Hebei Province, which triggered a warm response in the cadres in Hebei Province. Everyone said that he must remember the general secretary of the near Ping, fully implement the party’s central decision-making deployment, and insist on steady to enter the total tone, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, promote the spirit of Sahanba, and effectively do a good job in co-ordination epidemic prevention and control and Economic and social development work, better coordinating and safety, promote high-quality development, and strive to complete the main target tasks of the annual economic and social development, and achieve the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Inheriting the spirit of Saihanba, deeply understanding and implementing the ecological civilization concept in Saihanba Machinery Forest Farm, and General Secretary Xi Jinping Tonglin’s three generations of employee representatives are kindly exchanged, asking them about working life, and talking about the vicissitudes of the forest farm, and the future development of forest farm.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the construction of ecological civilization is to rely on substances, but also rely on the spirit. It is necessary to inherit the spirit of Sahanba, deeply understand and implement the concept of ecological civilization, and continue to work hard, and build a successful work in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle.

At the Saihanba Machinery Forest Food Fire Prevention Command Center, large screen real-time monitoring, video fire monitor coverage is more than 97%.

Forest Farm establishes three major protective nets of "fire warning monitoring network, ecological safety isolation network, fire isolation belt block" to create a human defense, technical defense, and objective defense system.

Peng Zhijie, the total dispatuation of the Sahanba Machinery Forest Farm, as the employee representative, listening to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping. "General Secretary has repeatedly, fire prevention is more important than Taishan, to deal with fire prevention and tourism relationship, adhere to safety first, and effectively make good care of more than half a century continuous struggle, well managed, good management.

"Peng Zhijie said, we are deeply responsible, we must continue to carry forward the Spirit of Sahanba, take this unusual Lin Hai guarding, building well, develop well. Huang Xuechen, a senior business of Xiongan Group Ecological Construction Company, once in Saihan Dam Machinery Forest Field Work for 7 years. "As an ecological civilization construction worker in Xiongan New District, we must adhere to the concept of green development, promote the spirit of Sahanba, and add bricks to the ecological civilization of Xiongan New District. "Huang Xuechen said. Hebei Ruizhao Laser Removal Technology Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Han Hongsheng organized party members and backbone employees to Sahanba Machinery Forest Farm.

"Development and re-manufacturing industry, which is conducive to accelerating construction and manufacturing strength, implementing ‘carbon peaks, carbon neutralization’ targets.

"Han Hongsheng said," We will understand and implement the concept of ecological civilization and focus on promoting green low-carbon circulation development. "Protect, inherit, use good Chinese outstanding traditional culture Xi Jinping to investigate Chengde Mountain Villa, to protect, inherit, use good Chinese outstanding traditional culture, excavate its rich connotation, to facilitate better and firm culture, Concentrate in the national spirit. "General Secretary attaches great importance to the protection and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage, so that our power is doubled, and it is deeply responsible.

"Sun Junxin, the curator of Chengde Museum," As a cultural worker, we must improve research level and innovation ability, excavate cultural connotations behind cultural relics, tell more people to historical stories. "The important speech of the General Secretary is to further do a good job in the protection of the ancient city protection work. Zhang Mingxing, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, and the Ministry of Propaganda, said we will further restore the ancient city style to improve the protection, inheriting historical culture, holding the roots of the ancient city, letting cultural relics "live". The planning and construction of Xiongan New District pays attention to historical remains The protection organizes, the tourists visiting the authentic site in Song Liao, Xiong County have been increasing. Jinsawuqiang, director of the Xiong County Cultural Relics Management Office, said: "We will conscientiously implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary, further protect it, , Use good Chinese excellent traditional culture, continue historical veins. Guo Xueqing, director of the Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau of Zhangzhou City, said: "We must rely on the local human resources, show the Chinese excellent traditional culture, develop modern cultural industries, and promote high-quality development in Zhangzhou.

"Investigating and developing the socialist national relationship between equality and unity and mutual help, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, insist on the correct road to solve the national problems, and comprehensively implement the national theory and national policy. , Constantly consolidate and develop equal socialist national relationships. "" Seriously study General Speakers, we have deeply experienced that only the Chinese Communist Party can achieve the big unity of the Chinese nation, only socialism with Chinese characteristics can condense National, developing all ethnic groups, prospering all ethnic groups.

Song Haijun, Song Haijun, deputy secretary of Longtan Village, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, Qinhuangdao, said, "We will actively build national specialty villages, red tourism villages, build a good national unity, and industrially prosperous socialist new rural areas.

"" Do a good job in national work, we must adhere to the party’s leadership.

Zhao Yuanyuan, the staff of the National Religious Affairs Bureau of the Mongolian Autonomous County, Chengde City, said that the comprehension of the party’s national theory and national policy, guiding the people of all ethnic groups to unify the motherland and love the nation, and promote all ethnic groups together, Common prosperity and development.

"The consciousness of the China National Community has always been the focus of our thinking education.

Yang Kaihong, the ideological and political theoretical class teacher of Langfang Vocational and Technical College, said that we will implement the spirit of the general secretary of the General Secretary to better integrate the national unity and education into the ideological and political theory courses, will classify classroom teaching, social practice teaching, and the second class. Combine, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of national unity education. Implement rural construction actions, in-depth development of rural human residential environment remediation in the Chengdu Village, Dagou Village, Dawuzi Town, Shuangyu District, Chengde City, emphasized that we To implement a rural construction action, carry out the environmental remediation of rural people, in terms of local conditions, seeking truth from facts, one piece, one year, then one year, take a new socialist countryside to build a more beautiful and inexpensive. "I want to guide General Secretary Report the development of the village.

"Recalling the situation at the time, the first secretary of Daguoku Village Hao Tianjiao is standing," We must keep in mind the general secretary, the foot, continue to fight, continue to increase people’s environmental governance, so that the environment is more suitable, constantly improving the villagers Get a sense of happiness.

"" Rural people’s environmental remediation is not only a battle, but also a long-lasting battle. Wang Jinshan, Secretary of Shijiacheng District Party Committee, said that we must carry out an important starting of rural people to improve the village environment, promote the village revitalization, and promote the special action of the toilet revolution, the sewage treatment of sewage, and build an ecological livable beautiful village. "Implementing the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary, we will vigorously promote the construction of beautiful and livable new rural areas.

Meng Zhaoan, the second-level inspector of Hebei Province, said that this year, Hebei will focus on building a new era of more than 2000 functions, beautiful environment, and Yiye, and create 50 provincial rural revolution districts. Let the old age People can have a happy old age in the Chengde City High-tech Zone Binhe Community Home Pension Service Center, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the elderly demand, so that the elderly can have a happy old age, the party committee and the government at all levels Important responsibility.

It is necessary to promote the development of pension and pension industries, develop Popula-type pension services, improve the community home pension service network, and build a pension service system combined with home community institutions.

"The important speech of the General Secretary is directed in the direction of the community old-age service." Xu Jiajie, director of the party branch of the Binhe Community, said, "We will further innovate the community old-age service model, activate the enterprise and social resources, and make the community pension service." Do fine, do real, all-round satisfied elderly demand, Pratt Hui more community old people. "Liu Guifang, Nanyang Bao Village, Nanyang Town, Guangping County, Handan City, and explored the" medical combination "pension in 2014. Serve. "General Secretary emphasizes the endowment service system in which the home community institution is coordinated, medical intensive", we will be more interested in providing health care, rehabilitation, nursing and pension in the villagers. "Liu Guifang said .

"Seriously study the important speech of General Secretary, we have doubled.

Sun Hongwang, director of the Poverty Center of Poor Support Center in Hengshui City, Hengshui City, said, "We must strengthen the skills training of nursing staff, improve the level of old-age service, and solve the annoyance of the pension of special difficult groups, let them enjoy the happy life." "(This reporter Xu Yunping, Zhang Zhi Feng, Shi Ziqiang, Ma Chen, Zhang Tengyang, Shao Yusi).

Tianjin Mengwa: There is also a small gold shield on my health code.

Tianjin Mengwa: There is also a small gold shield on my health code.

People’s Daily Nuember November 5th, the Tianjin has adjusted the new crown vaccination people from the age of 12 to 3 years old, starting the 3-11-year-old population of new crown virus vaccination work, under the premise of informed 3-11 peopleNew crown vaccine is free."Hey, I haven’t started so soon, I haven’t started nervous." "When I took the needle, I was so painful. I quickly became well, the low-grade children didn’t have to be afraid." "My health codeThere must be a small gold shield, which can better protect myself. "The vaccination site, the children are eager to share the feelings of the vaccine.

In the face of lively children, staff patiently explain the vaccine related knowledge, parents also accompany them and sign their informed consent.The site order is in order to work in an orderly manner, and the vaccination work is smooth.(Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

Shijiazhuang City CDC: Temperature drop scientific prevention and control flu

Shijiazhuang City CDC: Temperature drop scientific prevention and control flu

  Winter and spring is a high season of respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza.

The immunization plan of Shijiazhuang City Center for Disease Control and Control Center reminds the general public to attach great importance to the prevention of flu. Experts introduction, influenza spread rapidly, can cause seasonal epidemic every year, where you’ve aggregated places in the school, child care institutions and nursing homes, etc. Influenza, in the crowd leads to heavier health and economic burden, the influenza disease in different people is different, pregnant women, infants, elderly, and chronic basic disease patients, patients with severe diseases and deaths Higher. Especially this year, the global new crown epidemic situation will continue to continue, and this winter will appear in a new crown epidemic and influenza superimposed. Experts said that due to the treatment of drugs with no effects, the prevention flu is very important.

Since the influenza is mainly transmitted by air foam, it is also possible to spread directly to the secretion of patients, and the main preventive measures include: developing good hygiene habits, washing hands, and change clothes.

The room is often ventilated and keeps the air fresh. Strengthen physical exercise, balance the diet. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, and take care of vitamin C and vitamin E.

The flu is high, and there is no more crowded and air dirty place.

When the influenza epidemic, isolate the treatment of patients and disinfected in time.

Inoculating flu vaccines are the most economical and effective measures to prevent influenza. It is recommended that children, elderly, chronic patients, etc. should be vaccinated as soon as possible. (Reporter Wang Liqiang).

Tibet procuratorial organs norm the orderly propulsion to plead guilty from the wide system

Tibet procuratorial organs norm the orderly propulsion to plead guilty from the wide system

  The picture shows on September 27th, the conference site.

 Jiang Feibo’s photo "Credit critic is wide, refers to the criminal suspects that voluntarily confess their own crimes, sincere regret, willing to accept punishment, the defendant, according to law, from the procedures from simple or entities from wide processing.

"On the 27th, Mima Ren, deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Procuratorate, introduced at a press conference, the three-level procuratorates in the region, implement less and carefully incending to curse the judicial concept, and norm the orderly propulsion of critic penalties from the wide system.

  He said that the procuratorate fully exerts the "After the Trial Trial of Former Investigation", the procuratorial function advantages, collaborative investigation, and the trial authority use good to admire from the wide system.

Since January 2020, in the review of the arrest of the arrest, we pay attention to the interpretation of the suspect, and guide the investigation authority to fully collect, fix evidence, and the prosecution of the procuratorates will continue to investigate and continue to investigate.

  Since the system promotes, the Tibet Autonomous Region Procuratorate has implemented less than the prostitute, and the criminal is slight, the social harm is not large, and it is not approved by law and does not decide to arrest 341. 599 people, with conditions do not prosecute 20 people. The procuratorial machine shall listen to the opinion of criminal suspects and their defenders, and to make a quantitative propensity, the proposal, the proposal, the propose, and the propose, the proposal, the proposal, the proposed proposal, try to specifically, clear, conducive to the criminal suspect Reduce repentions and unnecessary appeals. Mima Kan said that the Tibet Autonomous Region Procuratorate filed a public prosecution of 3,746 prosecutors, proposed 3014 propensions, which proposed 1935 to determine the propensity of the sentence, and proposed 1079 propensions. The people’s court adopted procuratorial organs to plead guilty. A total of 2,705 propensions, accounting for the number of sentencing recommendations. He said that the income penalty has been promoted from the wide system. Most of the accused expressed the case of critic and penalty cases, the judgment, the people’s court of the people’s courts have given 30,59 cases of critic, and proposed only 57 people. The appeal rate is only%, effectively reducing the defendant’s repentance and unnecessary appeal, saving judicial resources. Director of the First Procuratorate of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the four senior prosecutor Deji explained that the procuratorial organs handled the case of incubation of critics and their advice of the cases and their agents, prompting criminal suspects, the defendant passed the victim For the loss, the apology, etc., and as an important consideration from wide punishment. The suspect, the defendant pleaded guilty, but did not decline, compensation, failed to reach a mediation or reconciliation agreement with the victim, discretion from wide amplitude. For the victims of judicial assistance, the procuratorate actively coordinates the application for judicial assistance. (End) (Editor: Once Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share more people to see.

The school builds a beautiful point is not wrong, why is this "luxury middle school" confused?

The school builds a beautiful point is not wrong, why is this "luxury middle school" confused?

Zhen’an County Town An Middle School Building Group (July 30, drone photos).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Shao Rui’s "luxury" campus: spend more than 20 million yuan to cut the mountain waterfall waterfall, multiple leadership office is suspected to exceed the problem of solving urban dispersions, starting in 2015, Zhen’an County began to build Xincheng Zhongli project. The new university site is located in Taiping Village, Yongle Street, Zhen’an County, 14 kilometers away from the county, and has been delivered in the near future.

The school introduces that the school covers an area of ??272 mu, with a total construction area of ??10,000 square meters, which is planned to accommodate 6,000 students.

The reporter has seen the foundation of the new school building, dormitory building, dining tower, gymnasium, teacher apartment, etc., and the 120 teaching classes, which set 120 teaching classes. However, the campus is more conspicuously unrelated to the teaching: from the antics of antiquity to the campus, 4 layers of fountain water view along the trail, 16 stone carfalls, 1 side, one party is about 8 meters long, rice height The school motto is located in the end of the fountain. According to the school staff, the water is taken from the "squid jumping the gantry", and the school training stone monument from Xi’an is expected to be five or six thousand yuan. Through the huge square arch of the school executive building, the triple is spierop, and the Temple of Temple is built on the high platform. There are some reading rooms inside the building, but there is a low space utilization rate, and a sand table is placed in the high-level China court.

In the campus, in addition to the stone barriers seen everywhere, each building has the roof of Tang-style building.

There is about 50 meters from the southwest corner, and there is a pavilion on a multi-level waterfall, a rockery, a rock, a watermaster, a watellite, a water view, a stone arch bridge, and a water view.

The total number of national travel agencies in the third quarter is 9241.91 million domestic tourism single services.

The total number of national travel agencies in the third quarter is 9241.91 million domestic tourism single services.

On November 18, the Ministry of Wenke released the national travel agency statistical investigation report in the third quarter of 2021.

According to the report, as of September 30, 2021, the total number of national travel agencies in the third quarter were 4,2152, and 31,482 travel agencies were reviewed through provincial cultural and tourism administration.In the third quarter of 2021, the National Travel Service Domestic Tourism Organization was 10,000, ten thousand people, received thousands of people, ten thousand people.

At the same time, the domestic tourism single service is 10,000 serviced services in the third quarter.

The report also shows that the top ten regions of the travel agency in the third quarter of the travel agencies are from high to low in Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hubei, Beijing, Jiangxi, Shandong.In the third quarter, the top ten regions of the travel agency in the third quarter of the travel agency are from high to low in Zhejiang, Hubei, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Hunan, Hainan, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Guangdong, Shanghai.


Series Radio Drama No. 181: At that time, fishing network is their favorite

Series Radio Drama No. 181: At that time, fishing network is their favorite

Watch the white water, sail. Flat waves are not moving, and it is full of green.

  Hello everyone, welcome to listen to the series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" No. 181. The legend and story of Baiyangdian, today we will say Baiyangdian fishing net. What is the best thing to ask Baiyangdian now? The answer may be a five-flowers.

However, if you ask what the fishermen of Baiyangdian fishermen do? That fishing net must be named in the best.

The production and life of Baiyangdian is inseparable from this water.

  Baiyangdian fishermen love the net, more regards it as wealth, just as "Saha" singing: "A net gold, second online silver, three networks play a treasure basin, four nets, Tonglou, five networks Shui full, six net shrimp crabs full, net boats are not too … "In Baiyangdian, there are nearly ten categories of fishing nets, including bag fish nets, knife fish nets, cucumber fish nets, big fish nets, etc. There are a lot of fishing methods in Baiyang.

  Fishermen love the net, know more to protect the net. They will soak newly woven fishing nets or soak the old fishing nets in the pig, then put the soaked web into the large pot.

This allows the fishnet to be strong and durable, and it can be used in the net of bloody smell.

Sapphire fishing is a common fishing method. Old climbing nets with hemp rope and cotton lines.

At that time, the fishing net was mainly knitted by women. The shuttle made of bamboo pieces is the main tool of the weaving network. There is a cross-line small hole on this shutdown, and the other has two baffles.

When weaving net, with a shuttle line, shuttle online, pull the line, form a rhombic grid.

  Nowadays, there are many materials such as nylon rubber wires and other materials, and rarely. In the next stage, the Baiyangdian ancestors have a long life to rest, fishing and selling fish.

Foil flies are one of the traditional fishing methods of Baiyang.

The next series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story", tells you the foil of the white superfoil.

  About the radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" Baiyangdian is one of Hebei business cards, the ancient "Northern West Lake", today has the reputation of "North China Pearl". Since ancient times, there have been many legends in Baiyangdian, and it is very exciting., Xinhua News Agency, Hebei Branch, Hebei Provincial Netition Office, Hebei Xiongan New District Management Committee jointly launched a series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story", with broadcast and comics, bring you through the beautiful mysterious Baiyangdian, and enjoy the charm Yan Zhao. Good story is still going, please listen! Planning: Liu Xiaochao: Wei Xiaobin, Xing Yuwei Editor: Yuan Lina Dubi: Horsepower Music: Gao Yi Mei: Zhang Wenze, Liang Yuxin, Chen Xinning, Cao Yue Yao Support: Hebei University of Science and Technology College of Art.

These 20 years, China and the world win – win (Wanghai Building)

These 20 years, China and the world win – win (Wanghai Building)

Original title: These 20 years, China and the world win – win (Wanghai Tower) this year is China Joining the World Trade Organization for 20 years.

General Secretary Xi Jinping, profoundly pointed out: "Since the joining the World Trade Organization, China has continued to expand its opening, activating the spring tide of China’s development, and also activates a pool of spring water in the world economy.

"On December 11, 2001, after 15 years of difficult negotiations, China officially became the 143th member of the WTO. At that moment, domestic and foreign fierce, but there were many doubts and 忐忑. Some people are worried." Wolf is coming: Will the relevant industries will suffer a top-level disaster? Can the instance mechanism adapt to the requirements of multilateral trade rules? Does China question: Does China keep your commitment? Can the world benefit? Fully Certificate, take the initiative to go through the wind and rain in the sea, see the world, although the water, encounter a swing, but in the swimming in the swimming in the swimming, achieve a win-win situation in China and the world. These 20 years, China is comprehensive Performing the commitment of the entry, adheres to the opening and promoting reform, and continuously improve the socialist market economic system, and constructs legal system that meets the rules of multilateral trade, more than 2,300 laws and regulations are cleaned up, and the local government has cleared more than 190,000 pieces, covering trade, investment and Intellectual property protection and other aspects.

At the same time, China has effectively fulfilled the company and service open commitment, the stability, transparency, and predictability of the external open policy. In 20 years, China’s tariff sum level is reduced to%, lower than%, and has a wide open service market. It has continued to decrease the foreign admission threshold. Intellectual property protection is constantly increasing. pattern. For 20 years, China firmly supports multilateral trading system. As one of the three major functions of the WTO, the dispute settlement mechanism has played an important role in ensuring international trade predictability and maintaining the stability of multilateral trade system.

Since China has entered the WTO, I actively respond to the case of the case, respect and carefully implement the WTO ruling, made the adjustment of the World Trade Rules, there is no case of the respondent to apply for retaliation; on the other hand, through the initiative, to curb a few WTO Organizational members’ unfair practices have maintained their own trade interests and the authority of WTO rules.

More than this, from actively promoting trade investment liberalization to deep participation in trade policy review, from full supporting developing countries into multilateral trade systems to resolutely oppose singleism and protectionism … China firmly complies with and maintains World Trade Rules, comprehensive Participate in the WTO work, to make a Chinese audio to jointly improve global economic governance, and propose Chinese programs.

In this regard, the WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell praised that in the past 20 years, China has become a "important and active member" in the WTO, which is an important promoter of the WTO side negotiations.

  In these 20 years, China seizes opportunities and economic development pressing "fast forward", GDP increases from trillion yuan to trillion, accounting for the world’s proportion to%; the export volume of goods increased by 7 times, accounting for the world’s proportion to%, The world is the first; the service export is increased from 324.3 billion yuan to 1935.7 billion yuan, an increase of 5 times; using foreign capital accounts for the world’s proportion to 15%, the first place in developing countries … A item that causes the world to be amazed, From the Chinese people, they bury their heads under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, tenacious struggles, from the power of China’s pressures, and continuously deepen reforms, and also from China to actively strengthen international cooperation, practice mutual benefit and win-win.

  For 20 years, China took the initiative to benefit the world. Observe China’s development, to see what China has achieved, but also to see how many contributions to the world.

In 20 years, China’s annual annual contribution rate of global economic growth is close to 30%, and the import of goods is 6 times; the 97% tax payment to 42 least developed countries provides free tariffs, which has become the largest export market in the least developed countries. 25% of the least developed countries; continuously provide more public products for the international community, actively promoting the construction of "one belt all the way", holds international events such as enlightenment, labor conference, and FOS … China Join WTO It has developed himself and also benefits the world. In particular, the current economic globalization encounters the anti-current, the WTO as the core of the multilateral trade system frequently shocks, the world economy is in the uncertainty "fog", the more "power source" and "stabilizer" of the world economy growth The more we value, China’s maintenance and practice of truly multilateralism, gaining more and more WTO members.

  Standing on the new starting point, China’s open door will not be closed, the more you will only get. Unwavering advancement promotes high levels, sharing market opportunities with the world, maintaining real multilateralism, supporting the necessary reform of WTO, making it more in line with 164 members of the overall interests, China will continue to build human fate in the WTO stage Huacai movement of the Community. (The author is the representative of China’s resident WTO, the ambassador of the special rules) (Editor: Liu Yuanyuan, Wan Peng).