Three Maybach First Show Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz Guangzhou Auto Show lineup exposure

Three Maybach First Show Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz Guangzhou Auto Show lineup exposure

  A few days ago, Netcom’s learned from the official, Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes, Mercedes, Merbach, Mercedes -Amg and other brands of 9 first new cars will appear in the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show. Among them, the Memabach S-Class Car 100th Anniversary Edition, the Strings High-definition First Edition and Mercedess – Mamibach EQS Concept Car 3 New Car China First Show; Meside – EQ Brand New EQA, New EQB And the new generation of AMGGT four sports cars will also be officially launched. Mercedes – Maybach brand S-class sedan 100th anniversary version, the craftsmanized high-definition first version and the Meside-Maybach EQS concept car three new cars ushered in the first show.

It is reported that the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Maybach brand is limited to 100 years. The new car will use special car paint and interior design, as well as Edition 100 exclusive badges with symbolizes. It is worth mentioning that the first pure tram model of the Maibach brand history of Munich IAA Auto Show in September – Mambach EQS concept car will be unveiled in the auto show. As the first unveiled pure electric model of the Mercedes-EQ brand, Mercedes-EQ brand new EQA, the new EQB will be listed at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The new EQA appearance uses a landmark "black panel" grille and the star ship shield. At the same time, the LED daytime driving light strip constituting "The Ring of Time and Space" is very identified, and the EQ model exclusive blue trim is also added inside.

EQB has a wide range of 7-seat space and strong high-efficiency electric drive performance to meet multiplayer travel needs.

This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate "three farmers" achievements

This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate "three farmers" achievements

Beijing September 1 (Reporter Li Xiaoxiang) reporter learned from the press conference held on the 1st of the Chinese peasant harvest organizational guidance committee: September 23 this year, the autumn, my country will usher in the fourth Chinese peasant harvest . This year, the festival is the theme of "Qing Feng Yue, Sense of Parthen", and guide the vast majority of rural areas and society to carry out colorful mass celebrations, home activities arranged in Zhejiang Jiaxing in the Yangtze River Basin, Hunan Changsha, Sichuan Deyang, Yangtze River Economy Participate in 11 provinces, echoing the Yangtze River economy with high quality development and the Yangtze River protection strategy.

The harvest festival is the festival of farmers, but also the holiday of the people of the country.

This year, the Fengchao Festival celebration will fully show the new scientific and agricultural achievements, the new achievements of industrial development, and the new appearance of the country. In addition to home activities, this year’s Fengchao Festival also includes the key activities of member units, the Ministry of Education, Wenbao, Sports General Administration, etc., etc., will organize cultural research, product promotions, folk festivals, farmers events. Waiting for nearly 100 celebrations; in addition, all places will carry out rich and colorful features, such as product display, folk performances, and agricultural services. The organizing committee requires all localities to adhere to the peasant subject, and the activities focus on the grassroots level, and each county has cultivated a festive activities with distinctive characteristics, rich in connotation, close to farmers production activities.

This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate the responsibility of "three rural" in various historical periods of revolution, construction, and reform, fully demonstrate the "three rural" in building a new development pattern, and fully demonstrate the great achievements of comprehensive construction of a well-off society. Creating a harvest of urban and rural celebrations, a good atmosphere of the 10-year-old birthday of the Communist Party of China, highlighting a hundred years of journey, for far -poal farmers, urban and rural celebration, cultural heritage, market guidance five aspects. The Agricultural Rural Ministry will hold a celebration of the Agricultural Rural Achievement Exhibition, reviewing the Development of "Three Rural" Development Process and Brilliant Achievements. The relevant person in charge of the China Farmers Harvest Advisory Steering Committee said that the harvest will also increase the harvest.

The Department of Agricultural Rural Areas will jointly launch the "Chinese Farmers Fengsheng Festival" activity, organize multi-field, multi-level, diversified production and sales and promote consumption activities, active urban and rural consumption.

Solidly do a good job in food and material reserve reform and development work firmly

Solidly do a good job in food and material reserve reform and development work firmly

Han Zheng pointed out that food security is an important foundation for national security.

The Party Central Committee has always attached great importance to food security. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party’s central party’s central party is unified development and safety, and a series of important deployments in ensuring national food security.

To stand in the global height, understand the significance of food security, adhere to the overall national security concept, and solidly do a good job in the development of food and materials reserve, put the Chinese people’s rice bowls in their hands. Han is fully affirming that the results of food and material reserves have emphasized, according to my country’s economic and social development situation, do a good job in the total amount of food and material reserves, structural adjustment, variety choices, reserve layout, better meet the people’s The needs of a beautiful life. It is necessary to resolutely hold the red line of 1.8 billion acres of cultivated land to ensure the most fundamental production capacity of food security.

Han Zheng pointed out that further improvement of infrastructure, new construction, transformation, and enhance a number of warehousing facilities, strengthen the research and development of key technology involved in food.

To use good market means and government regulation means, promote the effective market and have better combination for the government, and do everything possible to enhance the reserve ability.

To put the safety production in the warehouse in the high-out position, improve the relevant management system and improve the level of reserve safety management. To strengthen the construction of cadres, enhance the comprehensive quality and professional ability.

Before the meeting, Han Zheng went to the Food Trading Coordination Center to understand the situation of the national food trading platform; enter some of the bureau and office, to visit cadre workers, understand the development of food and materials reserve development and food emergency insurance.

"People’s Daily" (June 09, 2021) (Editor: Chen Chen, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

The macaque model reveals that the disease is heavier with neoguanpi pneumonia

The macaque model reveals that the disease is heavier with neoguanpi pneumonia

Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter Zhao Hanbin) Understand the immunopropological characteristics of new crown pneumonia, which is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of neoguanpneumitis.

On November 22nd, the Science and Technology Daily reported that the study of the Kunming Institute of Sciences in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one study found that the immunopathological mechanism of inflammatory response delayed in the elderly macaque model of neoguanpi pneumonia, or will be available for patients with neogp pneumonia New ideas. The research results have recently been published on the international journal "signal transduction and targeted therapy".

The excessive response of the immune system is considered to be one of the main pathogenesis of neoguanpiral, and the primate is a dynamic study of new coronal pneumonia pathological mechanisms. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Kunming Institute of Massage, Zheng Yongtang, the discipline, previously studied that new crown viruses were infected with Chinese macaques, showing similar pathological features similar to human patients. However, it is characterized by differently recession in timely decline in the immune response of young macaques, and the abnormal changes of the elderly macaque delayed lung tissue inflammatory response. Age-related abnormal immune microenvironment, may have been formed in the early stage of new crown virus infection, and continued to affect the progression of diseases in elderly patients.

In order to verify this hypothesis, the Zheng Yong Tang researcher team is based on multiple immunofluorescence staining quantitative techniques, and more accurate immunopropathological research on Chinese macaque neogp pneumonia models.

By analyzing the early unsatisfactory pulmonary tissue of infection, the research team found that the viral infection did not significantly affected by age, the elderly monkey and the lung tissue of the young monkey ACE2 positive cells were reduced in the infection, but the elderly macaque ACE2 positive cell apoptosis, The level of autophagy and signal pathway is more severe than young macaques.

In addition, after the elderly macaques infected with new crown viruses, the inflammatory factor secretion cells in the lung tissue increased, which provided the foundation for the inflammatory outbreak after tissue lesions.

The elderly macaque lung tissue naturally highly expresses some cytokines and interferon signal proteins, which caused immune tolerance, passivated the reaction ability of the immune system, explaining the inflammatory reaction delay characteristics of the elderly macaque model.

New crown virus infection specifically induces aggregation of elderly kiwi transmining factor CXCR3 positive cells in pulmonary, spleen and peripheral blood, is a age-related systemic pathological characteristics.

After the elderly macaque infected new crown viruses, instead of cultivating a large number of CXCR3 positive cells into the infection site, it may be one of the serious mechanisms that have changed the changes of elderly macaque lung disease.

Suining Municipal Public Security Bureau, former Party Committee, deputy director Tang Xingyong accepted discipline review and supervision

Suining Municipal Public Security Bureau, former Party Committee, deputy director Tang Xingyong accepted discipline review and supervision

People’s Network Chengdu August 6th (Li Qiangqiang) According to the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the original party committee of the Suining City Public Security Bureau, Tang Xingyong, deputy director, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently accepting discipline review and supervision. Tang Xing Yong resume Tang Xingong, male, Han nationality, born in August 1958, Sichuan Radong People, in-service university degree. In December 1976, he joined the Communist Party of China in February 1979.

From December 1976 to December 1980, served in the troops; December 1980 to February 1989, in the Wenhong County Public Security Bureau; February 1989 to July 1989, July 1989 to July 1989, July 1989, July 1989, July 1989, Renbang County Public Security Bureau The deputy director of the town police station; from July 1989 to November 1989, the deputy department of the Public Security Bureau of Renbang County; November 1989 to June 1992, Renbang County Silk Factory Public Security Political Instructor; 1992 From July 1993, Renbang County Silk Factory Public Security Political Instructor, County Public Security Bureau, deputy investigator; July 1994 to January 1994, Renbaohong County Public Security Bureau, Ministry of Public Security; 1994; 1994 From January to January 1996, the public security department of Renbang County Public Security Bureau; from January 1996 to November 1996, Renbang County Public Security Bureau’s Criminal Police Brigade team leader; November 1997 to January 1997, The captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of Renbang County Public Security Bureau, is a project-based investigator; from January 1997 to April 2003, the deputy director of Renbang County Public Security Bureau; in December 2003, Renbang County Political Committee of the Public Security Bureau; From December 2005 to July 2009, Ren Yun Ning City Public Security Bureau Party Committee, Commission for Discipline Inspection, Police Inspector; July 2009 to September 2013, Ren Yun Ning City Public Security Bureau Party Committee member, deputy director From September 2013 to November 2016, Ren Ning City Public Security Bureau Party Committee member and researcher; November 2018 to August 2018, Ren Ning City Public Security Bureau researcher; August 2018, retired. (Responsible: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Taiyuan announced the hot spot of consumer complaints in the first half of the year

Taiyuan announced the hot spot of consumer complaints in the first half of the year

  Original title: In the first half of the consumer complaint hot spot, the car sales "Cats" Mainly concentrated in six aspects of automotive after-sales service, prepaid consumption, online shopping, tourism consumption, clothing shoe cap, mobile phone after-sales service.

In this regard, if the city consumers reminded that if consumers have been infringed in violations, they pay attention to the evidence of related notes in time. In the case of the operator’s negotiation, seek the help of the Consumers or Government’s related functional departments, It is necessary to maintain its legitimate rights and interests through legal ways. Car sales "cat greasy" complaint type: buy cars should not help disputes when enjoying relevant services, and consumer complaints are mainly concentrated in quality, contracts, and after-sales service. The specific manifestation is: 1. Do not honor the promise after playing a car. For example, there is no discount or subsidy that is committed when playing a car; 2. After-sales service quality and service attitude, etc. Typical case: Consumers have purchased a car in the old Jinxi Road speed 4S shop, paying 2000 yuan deposit, saying that can be used in the next year, and the staff of the 4S shop promises that the second year is not in the store. Deposit. The consumer is not in the 4S shop, but the 4S shop does not give consumers to reissue.

On March 13th, consumers came to the Municipal Consumers Association complaints, and the staff called the 4S shop to explain that things have passed, and the "Decomposition" and laws and regulations are popularized. Subsequently, the staff of the 4S shop told consumers to give a deposit to the deposit.

On March 17, consumers would pay back the deposit and expressed satisfaction. Consumption Tip: When purchasing a car, combined with actual needs, payment in the understanding of the business qualifications, credibility, vehicle details, and cost savings, etc., so as not to fall into the "trap"; when picking up the car, you should pay attention Whether the licensee is complete, the appearance is flawless; if you have quality problems, try to choose a qualified store for after-sales maintenance, and save the maintenance record. Prepaid consumption "old problem" complaint type: In recent years, various prepaid cards have become a convenient and fast consumption concept, there are many problems, and the main problems are concentrated in: the card timeline or Private coaches take place during the consumption process; the operators do not use the ownership or replacement of the boss, causing the consumer’s prepaid card to be used normally; if the consumer’s own reasons cannot be used, the merchant often does not give various reasons. retreat. Typical case: Mr. Li handed two fitness cards in the Fos Fitness Club in Pingyang Road.

In May, his lover was injured when poverty alleviation, Mr. Li went to the fitness club, allowing operators to extend the card time, and the other party agreed.

When Mr. Li’s lover is restored to the store, it is notified to be invalid.

Mr. Li believes that the operator is going to Bunder, and ask for a return. The staff of the Municipal Consumers Association Contact this store shall negotiate this matter. The other party expressed the application to the company, and the date of the opening date will be counted from Li Mr. Li, the two sides agree.

  Consumption Tips: When consumers apply for prepaid cards, they should keep relevant bills and materials. It should be added to the unclear matters to attach the contract to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of their own legitimate; the first time of consumption disputes first with the operator consultation Treatment, negotiation can not be reflected to the operator’s survesting condiction or market regulatory authorities, or sue to the court.

  Online shopping "anti-trap" complaint type: The 21st century is the network age, consumers can buy the favorite goods in the network platform without leaving home, convenient, fast, but the corresponding problem is mainly: online shopping products It is impossible to touch it directly. It can only be used to feel the quality of the feeling; the price of online quotation is inconsistent with the actual payment; the merchant promises that no reason to return will not be fulfilled.

  Typical case: March, Mr. Zhang booked 33 champagne roses through the Yiminhua shop on the "US Mission Takeaway" App, ready to give people, the price of 288 yuan, after the platform activities, the actual payment of 185 yuan, The system is displayed in 4 hours after the merchant.

At 14:59 on the same day, the order status of the platform has been delivered, the order is completed, Mr. Zhang has not received flowers.

On March 14, Mr. Zhang complained to the Municipal Consumers Association, and the staff contacted the person in charge of the US group takeaway.

On March 16, Mr. Zhang received a reply and returned the principal and gave 3 times compensation.

  Consumption Tips: Be sure to understand business credibility and evaluation when online shopping and whether the merchant is registered on the platform, do not have no right to defend the merchant "automatic disappearance" after shopping; If it is found that online quotation is not actually effective in time. Tourism disputes "really a lot" Complaint type: In recent years, consumers have become the main consumption project through travel agencies or online tourism platforms. The resulting tourism complaints frequently, the main problems are concentrated in: Tourism encounters local tour guides Sell; do not match the route signed by the travel agency, arrival at the attractions; the quality of the products purchased in the tourist attractions are not guaranteed. Typical case: On June 16th, the Municipal Consumers Association Gold Jewelry Industry Complaint Station received Mu Mu’s complaint, saying that when she was traveling in Xining in June, I passed a friend of 8600 yuan in a personal collection room. A nominal blood stone. Jade, I feel wrong after I come back, I will consult a complaint station.

Search from WeChat photos, this jade is not like a chicken blood stone. In order to identify the material, it is recommended that the complainant goes to the provincial jewelry jewelry product quality supervision and inspection station appraisal, and the identification results are dyed 岫 jade and issue an appraisal report. Ms. Mu Ms. Identification Report returned the goods through a friend. Consumption Tips: Do you need to be cautious when you go out to choose a travel agency, you need to check the official home or physical store in the official store, you are not laid in your business license information; when traveling outside, don’t easily buy valuables such as jewelry, if you want to buy a certain summary invoice and related Ticketing; if the quality of service disputes, consumer cats, etc., can communicate with the operators in accordance with the contract and related agreement; if the consultation can be solved, you can complain to the local tourism management department, or ask the consoic association and other departments to intervene the mediation . Clothing shoes and hats "complaints" complaint type: Commodity complaints, clothing shoes have always been the hot problem of consumers, mainly in: clothing is damaged, open, starting, fading, deformed, etc .; operators Do not fulfill the "three packs" commitment, refuse to return the goods or repairs, compensate for the demands. Typical case: On May 17, Ms. Zhang tried on two clothes in Vientiane City, Picarni clothing store, said that the price is worth 4190 yuan. Subsequently, the clerk did not get the recognition of Ms. Zhang, unauthorized clipping the clothing tag, and did not give the tag to Ms. Zhang. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang said not wanting, and ask the clerk to return, the other party refuses.

In desperation, Ms. Zhang pays. At the same time, it was also induced to buy a pair of shoes. Afterwards, Ms. Zhang felt unreasonable to complain to the Consumers Association. The staff contact the head of the store in time, May 20, I replied to the consumer full refund.

  Consumption Tips: In addition to comparing clothing, shoes and hats, in addition to comparing prices, we must carefully view the quality of goods, content, washing mode, etc. The invoice and tag after purchasing the goods must be kept well in order to defend the right. Communication products "After-sales owed" Complaint Type: Today, mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool, consumers pay more attention to shape, brand, capacity, etc. when purchasing mobile phones, and it is not known that after-sales issues are frequent.

Mainly focused on: Quality has a safety hazard; after-sales service can not keep up; function is actually inconsistent. Typical case: February 6

After purchasing the machine, the mobile phone activation date is found on January 31, 2019 after after sales. Mr. Li believes that the mobile phone has been required to refund, but the mall has not returned.

Mr. Li complained to the Consisters and the staff followed the person in charge of Vientiane City. On February 14, the feedback had been successfully returned to Mr. Li.

  Consumption Tips: Be sure to see if you have been removed, after opening, you want to observe if there is a flaw, the screen is displayed, the phone volume and the handset are normal; if you buy a mobile phone, you have to open your mobile phone settings. View "About mobile phone ", Test whether yourself buy.

(Reporter Li Xiaolin).

Total investment is 5 billion yuan! Another head company is contracting in the new energy

Total investment is 5 billion yuan! Another head company is contracting in the new energy

All of this reporter’s signature text, pictures, and copyright are all in Xin’an Evening News. Any media, website or individual, no authorization, link, reposted, or otherwise copy the published; authorized media, website, in use, "Source: Xin’an Evening News or Anhui Net", illegal will be based on law Pursue legal responsibility. Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Damu News News November 17 Technological Co., Ltd. representatives attended the signing ceremony.

Yongfeng Low Carbon Regeneration Aluminum New Material Light Front Frame Project is located in Fanchang Opened District, which is a listing of Yonghao Technology Co., Ltd. to be listed. The planned total investment is 5 billion, the planned land area is about 800 mu, which uses the current most advanced process, equipment, and construction of 360,000 tons of low-carbon regeneration aluminum new material photovoltaic border production line. After the project is completed, the annual output value is 10 billion yuan, and the annual tax is more than 300 million yuan. In recent years, in the future, the prosperous development of the new development concept is, vigorously promotes high-quality development, gathering the construction of zero-carbon smart industrial park, CITIC Bo New Energy, Yu Hui Feihe Industrial Park, New Energy Industry Project, etc. Head enterprises sign up. Future, Future, will continue to be strong, extended to the PV new energy industry chain, to achieve the "carbon peak" "carbon neutral and" contribute to the prosperity. Ma Jinxin Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Damu News reporter Sun Wei Editor: Tao Na.

The Basic Business Rules and Rules will be implemented on November 15th.

The Basic Business Rules and Rules will be implemented on November 15th.

  Xinhua News Agency, October 31 (Reporter Yao Genfang, Liu Hui) On October 30, Beijing Stock Exchange officially issued 4 basic business rules and 6 supporting rules and guidelines, the above business rules from November 15 Get a way. These four basic business rules include the listing rules and 3 review rules, namely the issuance of the listing review rules, refinance review rules, and restructuring regulations. From the business rules released, it is publicly issued and listed, and the overall translation of the selection of promotion is promoted as a listing conditions, maintaining inclusiveness and precision. At the same time, the implementation of the registration system is implemented, clarifying the exchange of the exchange of the exchange and registration of the SFC, and forms a listed committee.

The distribution of the remaining disposal is adjusted to "prioritize the same amount of time, the number is preferred", and the amount of investor concentrated purchase pressure is alleviated.

  In terms of financing mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, a diversified financing tool system of ordinary stocks, priority shares and convertible bonds is constructed.

In the issuance mechanism, it is clear that the issuance of the listed company’s securities need to be underwritten by the securities company, which clarifies the responsibility of the primary underwriters in the issuance of pricing and release, and introduced a bidding system. In terms of continuous supervision of listed companies, the system requires the main supervision of the current listed company, no longer implement the main brokerage system, and fulfills the continuous supervision of the prescribed period of the prescribed period; at the same time, it is fully considering the business characteristics and development rules of innovative SMEs, and strengthen the company. Autonomous and market constraints. The listing rules also clarified the impact requirements of regular reports in the listing of regular reports in the listing of the listing, that is, the annual report was disclosed in the previous 36 months, and the interim report shall not be issued in Beijiao.

The equity incentives performed according to law during the new three boards can continue to implement, restricted, and the right arrangements will remain unchanged after the Beijiao office is listed.

  In addition, the reporter learned from the Securities Regulatory Commission that the Securities Regulatory Commission issued and implemented a revised stock exchange management method on October 30, providing the Beibei Institute as the operational law of the company’s Stock Exchange, clarify the relevant supervision arrangements.

The first long triangle intelligent manufacturing peak forum opened in Shanghai Jiading

The first long triangle intelligent manufacturing peak forum opened in Shanghai Jiading

Li Feng, deputy director of Jiading District, said in a speech that Jiading is one of the five new citys in Shanghai. It is fully integrated into the construction of Hongqiao International Open Hub. It is an opportunity for the high-quality development of Jiading District Automobile Industry and Jiading New Town. Smart City "and the long triangle new energy smart car" Silicon Valley ", speed up the construction of the Jia Kun Tai Cooperation with the innovative core circle, will continue to strengthen Jiading New City and the other cities in the Yangtze River Triangle mutual empowerment, radiation drive, service, long triangle National strategy of integrated development. Han Dadong, the Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Department of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology, said that Shanghai’s current focus of implementing "10030" projects, actively promoting the construction of intelligent factory. In the future, Shanghai will focus on enhanced industrial innovation strategies, enhance the industry’s basic ability and industrial chain level , Promote the development of manufacturing, service industry collaboration, and build high-end manufacturing growth in the long triangle, strengthen the Yangtze River Delta industry linkage, promote the synergy of the Yangtze River Delta region, and jointly build intelligent manufacturing and development ecotropic circles.

Theme Speech, the Dean of the Siemens China Institute, Zhu Yizhen, Shanghai Unicom Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Huang Wei, General Manager of Shanghai New Time Robot Co., Ltd., Zhou Guangxing, etc. Digital construction, digital twin-driven robot system integration, etc.

Round Table Forum, Shanghai New Energy Automotive Public Data Acquisition and Monitoring Research Center Director Qiari and Shangqi General, Volvo Motion, Chinese Express, etc., the technical person in charge of the digital transformation and breakthrough and broke through the innovation path of the automotive industry. .

This forum has been two days, and the enterprises related to more than 300 intelligent manufacturing fields from the three provinces of the Yangtze River and three provinces are actively engaged in the participation. Qixin is a cooperation and innovation and innovation and development of the Yangtze River Delta intelligent manufacturing industry. Collaborative layout, to make greater contributions to promoting the integration of long triangulation.

(Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

Thousands of new brain expressions gene isomers determined

Thousands of new brain expressions gene isomers determined

By characterizing the degree of homologous isomer diversity in humans and mouse skin, a new study in the University of Exeter, UK revealed the complexity of gene expression in the brain, including identifying Alzheimerism , New isomers of disease-related genes such as autism and schizophrenia.

Studies have shown that genes expressed in human brains may result in more proteins than previously considered.

About 20,000 genes are encoded in the human DNA sequence, but each gene can be expressed by many different gene versions or isomers generated by the "selective splicing" process.

Selective splicing greatly increases the encoding complexity of the genome, and its importance is that these isomers have different functional characteristics to play a role in health and diseases.

It is known that selective splicing is particularly important in the central nervous system, and it also works in the development and function of the brain. In the study of the "Cell Report", the team led by Professor Jonathan Mill of Exetet University uses new long-read sequencing law to characterize complete transcripts, describe all differences in human and mouse brains. Forming. The isomers of about half of them were not described before, and most of these new isomers had the potential to encode protein.

The researchers said: "Isomers have a wide range of functions, selective splicing plays an important role in regulating gene functionality in the brain, and is related to many brain diseases.

Now, we first characterized different isomers in human and mouse brains, and explored the differences in the brain development.

The study determined that thousands of new brain expression isomers, confirmed the importance of selective splice in the cortex, which significantly increased transcription diversity, supporting important mechanisms in genetically regulation of brain. "Researchers said that there is significant differences in isomeric diversity of specific genes between human and mouse brains, and huge changes between fetal and adult leather also indicate an important role in selective splicing in neurological development. Jonathan Mir said : "We are pleased to find that genes associated with 3 brain diseases (Alzheimeria, autism and schizophrenia) have many new isomers previously not described. We are exploring how these isomers play a role in the illness.

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