The seventh congress of Minjin Hehe City was held

The seventh congress of Minjin Hehe City was held

  On December 8th, the seventh representative of Heihe City was successfully held in China’s Democratic Promotion Association. In view of the need for epidemic prevention and control, the meeting takes the way in line offline, and the offline venue is used in the line.

The meeting was listed and considered the Sixth Committee of the People’s Solo He City, and the seventh committee of the Minkyo City was elected.

Zhang Xianyou, the head of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, sent a letter to the General Assembly, and Zhang Xiujie, deputy secretary of the Heihe Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, attended the meeting.

  Zhang Xianyou fully affirmed that the people of the People in the Heilong Heihe Municipal Committee have changed under the leadership of the Minjin Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and the leadership of the Minjin Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and the Communist Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, and conscientiously implemented the socialist thinking of China’s characteristics, adhered to the service overall situation and its own construction. Tightly combined, adhere to the bidirection of the bideway of the bideways and aggressive gathering, and actively fulfill the participating party functions, and have made a lot of fruitful work and achieved gratifying results. Zhang Xianyou hopes that the new Heihe Municipal Committee will lead all the membership flags to speak politics, focus on the central service overall, comprehensively strengthen their own construction, to build a new socialist modern new dragon River, make new and greater contributions to the Heihe economic society .

  Jiang Hequan represents the Congress of the Communist Party of China to congratulate the General Assembly. The results of the 6th Committee of the Minjin Hehe City have given affirmation. I have given four hopes for the new leadership team of the Minjin Municipal Committee: First, the right political direction, Diligence and participation in political incident; second, it is focused on the overall situation of the city center, the common thinking reform and development; the third is to play a wide range of advantages, good as a democratic unity; four is to keep in mind the participation for the people’s tenet, and have a very hurry.

  The General Assembly considers the "Grasping the New Social Concept Integration into the New Pattern for the Construction of Socialist Modern Heihe".

The report pointed out that in the past five years, the 6th Committee of the People’s Sixth Committee has been united to lead the majority of members, conscientiously implement the work policy of "thinking and traveling, gathering, and going, and innovating and innovating", constantly strengthening their own construction, and actively fulfilling The party functions have made contributions to the economic and social development of the Heihe River.

In the next five years, it is a major strategic opportunity for the "three districts of the city" in the Heihe. More struggle for spiritual pursuit, strive to complete the sacred mission given by history.

  The election has produced the seventh committee of the Minkyo City. Wang Chengwu was elected as the Director, Li Peng, and Sun Xianghong were elected as a member of the Deputy Director, and 11 people such as Huiling as a member, appointed Chai Kun as the Secretary-General. The meeting reviewed the resolutions of the seventh congress of the Minkyo City. The General Assembly gave highly evaluated and expressed lofty respect for comrades who were no longer served as members of the new Municipal Committee. I hope that they will continue to contribute to the people’s commitment to the people’s commitment and support the people of the Municipal Committee of the People. The city’s call, the city’s people’s people should be more closely united around the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, and hide the great banner of socialism with the socialism of Chinese characteristics, conscientiously implement the "four new" "three good" requirements, join hands with the concentricity, hit the horse New journey, new era of success! .