The day is clear, but the night! Chaoyang District combed 89 winter Olympics test issues full solution

The day is clear, but the night! Chaoyang District combed 89 winter Olympics test issues full solution

In the 2021 Winter Olympics, the National Sliding Museum, the National Swimming Center and the National Stadium were measured. The Chaoyang District coexested the five major categories of 89 questions and has been resolved.

This is this reporter learned from the Chaoyang District.

Currently, Chaoyang District will focus on the center of Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics. The day of the test season, but the night Chaoyang District is one of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics competition venue. In the test activities and test competitions, Chaoyang District and 3 competition venue team jointly prepared a picture, one table, one , High standard construction venue facilities have made the measurement, comprehensive testing. The test activity and test match is the most direct and effective test of an area of ??an area. Yang Ping, the Beijing Olympic Park Management Committee, Yang Ping, introduced that during this year’s test activities and test competition, insisted on the early dispatch, the late school case system, and did the day and day, but the night, summed up combed epidemic prevention, accommodation, There are 89 items such as dining, transportation, daily guarantee, and have been resolved. During the test competition, Chaoyang District successfully completed the accommodation security task, implementing the full chain control of ingredients, carried out the test of food-sized stimulant, and accumulated more than 140,000 people safety.

Built TOCC smart platform, improve traffic dispatching system, meet the transportation requirements of airports, hotels, venues, opening 27 traffic routes, dispatching 1351 times of various vehicles.

Completed 15 well-being modifications, and ensure that its single-way transshipment time was controlled within 50 minutes, and 12 participating teams were unbacious. At present, the test competition service guarantee task has been successfully completed, and the Chaoyang District will transfer the work of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled Olympics on the basis of consolidating test results.

Multi-sectoral group specializes in the introduction of the bed, Chaoyang District mainly assumes accommodation, epidemic prevention, catering, environment and other safeguards, and involves special work such as opening and closing curtains, torch relay, cultural activities.

In terms of accommodation security, reference test competition guarantees, formation of jobs, Wenbao, Weijian, market supervision, etc., full of service guarantees such as accommodation, epidemic prevention, catering and other services. In terms of catering security, 167 points of inspection guarantees have been completed, and the matching of parcel security and emergency disposal personnel has been organized, and all staff of the support team participated in 5 rounds of business training, preliminaryly, the food safety guarantee work program was preliminary. In terms of environmental construction, there are many landscape nodes in the layout of Olympic Middle Road, Bei Loucun Road, National Park, etc., and all environmental remediation projects such as Beijing Olympic Park road maintenance, unobstructed facilities, key areas and road greening are all completed. Fully built the epidemic prevention and control safety barrier, Chaoyang District will fully build out the epidemic prevention and control safety barrier, form an emergency disposal team, classification classification to carry out emergency training drills, and improve the emergency response ability of the epidemic prevention and control. Equipped with accommodation in travel.

Take the food safety source, scientifically arrange your diet, and incorporate waste classification and disc actions into the working system to ensure rich meals and absolute safety. Trought well in urban operation and environmental protection.

Carry out water, electricity, gas, heat and other municipal infrastructure hidden dangers investigation, speed up the construction schedule of various supporting construction construction, carry out environment, transportation, cultural tourism, market operations four major order special rectification actions and the six-line environment comprehensive rectification , Make a good landscape arrangement.

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