This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate "three farmers" achievements

This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate "three farmers" achievements

Beijing September 1 (Reporter Li Xiaoxiang) reporter learned from the press conference held on the 1st of the Chinese peasant harvest organizational guidance committee: September 23 this year, the autumn, my country will usher in the fourth Chinese peasant harvest . This year, the festival is the theme of "Qing Feng Yue, Sense of Parthen", and guide the vast majority of rural areas and society to carry out colorful mass celebrations, home activities arranged in Zhejiang Jiaxing in the Yangtze River Basin, Hunan Changsha, Sichuan Deyang, Yangtze River Economy Participate in 11 provinces, echoing the Yangtze River economy with high quality development and the Yangtze River protection strategy.

The harvest festival is the festival of farmers, but also the holiday of the people of the country.

This year, the Fengchao Festival celebration will fully show the new scientific and agricultural achievements, the new achievements of industrial development, and the new appearance of the country. In addition to home activities, this year’s Fengchao Festival also includes the key activities of member units, the Ministry of Education, Wenbao, Sports General Administration, etc., etc., will organize cultural research, product promotions, folk festivals, farmers events. Waiting for nearly 100 celebrations; in addition, all places will carry out rich and colorful features, such as product display, folk performances, and agricultural services. The organizing committee requires all localities to adhere to the peasant subject, and the activities focus on the grassroots level, and each county has cultivated a festive activities with distinctive characteristics, rich in connotation, close to farmers production activities.

This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate the responsibility of "three rural" in various historical periods of revolution, construction, and reform, fully demonstrate the "three rural" in building a new development pattern, and fully demonstrate the great achievements of comprehensive construction of a well-off society. Creating a harvest of urban and rural celebrations, a good atmosphere of the 10-year-old birthday of the Communist Party of China, highlighting a hundred years of journey, for far -poal farmers, urban and rural celebration, cultural heritage, market guidance five aspects. The Agricultural Rural Ministry will hold a celebration of the Agricultural Rural Achievement Exhibition, reviewing the Development of "Three Rural" Development Process and Brilliant Achievements. The relevant person in charge of the China Farmers Harvest Advisory Steering Committee said that the harvest will also increase the harvest.

The Department of Agricultural Rural Areas will jointly launch the "Chinese Farmers Fengsheng Festival" activity, organize multi-field, multi-level, diversified production and sales and promote consumption activities, active urban and rural consumption.