Taiyuan announced the hot spot of consumer complaints in the first half of the year

Taiyuan announced the hot spot of consumer complaints in the first half of the year

  Original title: In the first half of the consumer complaint hot spot, the car sales "Cats" Mainly concentrated in six aspects of automotive after-sales service, prepaid consumption, online shopping, tourism consumption, clothing shoe cap, mobile phone after-sales service.

In this regard, if the city consumers reminded that if consumers have been infringed in violations, they pay attention to the evidence of related notes in time. In the case of the operator’s negotiation, seek the help of the Consumers or Government’s related functional departments, It is necessary to maintain its legitimate rights and interests through legal ways. Car sales "cat greasy" complaint type: buy cars should not help disputes when enjoying relevant services, and consumer complaints are mainly concentrated in quality, contracts, and after-sales service. The specific manifestation is: 1. Do not honor the promise after playing a car. For example, there is no discount or subsidy that is committed when playing a car; 2. After-sales service quality and service attitude, etc. Typical case: Consumers have purchased a car in the old Jinxi Road speed 4S shop, paying 2000 yuan deposit, saying that can be used in the next year, and the staff of the 4S shop promises that the second year is not in the store. Deposit. The consumer is not in the 4S shop, but the 4S shop does not give consumers to reissue.

On March 13th, consumers came to the Municipal Consumers Association complaints, and the staff called the 4S shop to explain that things have passed, and the "Decomposition" and laws and regulations are popularized. Subsequently, the staff of the 4S shop told consumers to give a deposit to the deposit.

On March 17, consumers would pay back the deposit and expressed satisfaction. Consumption Tip: When purchasing a car, combined with actual needs, payment in the understanding of the business qualifications, credibility, vehicle details, and cost savings, etc., so as not to fall into the "trap"; when picking up the car, you should pay attention Whether the licensee is complete, the appearance is flawless; if you have quality problems, try to choose a qualified store for after-sales maintenance, and save the maintenance record. Prepaid consumption "old problem" complaint type: In recent years, various prepaid cards have become a convenient and fast consumption concept, there are many problems, and the main problems are concentrated in: the card timeline or Private coaches take place during the consumption process; the operators do not use the ownership or replacement of the boss, causing the consumer’s prepaid card to be used normally; if the consumer’s own reasons cannot be used, the merchant often does not give various reasons. retreat. Typical case: Mr. Li handed two fitness cards in the Fos Fitness Club in Pingyang Road.

In May, his lover was injured when poverty alleviation, Mr. Li went to the fitness club, allowing operators to extend the card time, and the other party agreed.

When Mr. Li’s lover is restored to the store, it is notified to be invalid.

Mr. Li believes that the operator is going to Bunder, and ask for a return. The staff of the Municipal Consumers Association Contact this store shall negotiate this matter. The other party expressed the application to the company, and the date of the opening date will be counted from Li Mr. Li, the two sides agree.

  Consumption Tips: When consumers apply for prepaid cards, they should keep relevant bills and materials. It should be added to the unclear matters to attach the contract to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of their own legitimate; the first time of consumption disputes first with the operator consultation Treatment, negotiation can not be reflected to the operator’s survesting condiction or market regulatory authorities, or sue to the court.

  Online shopping "anti-trap" complaint type: The 21st century is the network age, consumers can buy the favorite goods in the network platform without leaving home, convenient, fast, but the corresponding problem is mainly: online shopping products It is impossible to touch it directly. It can only be used to feel the quality of the feeling; the price of online quotation is inconsistent with the actual payment; the merchant promises that no reason to return will not be fulfilled.

  Typical case: March, Mr. Zhang booked 33 champagne roses through the Yiminhua shop on the "US Mission Takeaway" App, ready to give people, the price of 288 yuan, after the platform activities, the actual payment of 185 yuan, The system is displayed in 4 hours after the merchant.

At 14:59 on the same day, the order status of the platform has been delivered, the order is completed, Mr. Zhang has not received flowers.

On March 14, Mr. Zhang complained to the Municipal Consumers Association, and the staff contacted the person in charge of the US group takeaway.

On March 16, Mr. Zhang received a reply and returned the principal and gave 3 times compensation.

  Consumption Tips: Be sure to understand business credibility and evaluation when online shopping and whether the merchant is registered on the platform, do not have no right to defend the merchant "automatic disappearance" after shopping; If it is found that online quotation is not actually effective in time. Tourism disputes "really a lot" Complaint type: In recent years, consumers have become the main consumption project through travel agencies or online tourism platforms. The resulting tourism complaints frequently, the main problems are concentrated in: Tourism encounters local tour guides Sell; do not match the route signed by the travel agency, arrival at the attractions; the quality of the products purchased in the tourist attractions are not guaranteed. Typical case: On June 16th, the Municipal Consumers Association Gold Jewelry Industry Complaint Station received Mu Mu’s complaint, saying that when she was traveling in Xining in June, I passed a friend of 8600 yuan in a personal collection room. A nominal blood stone. Jade, I feel wrong after I come back, I will consult a complaint station.

Search from WeChat photos, this jade is not like a chicken blood stone. In order to identify the material, it is recommended that the complainant goes to the provincial jewelry jewelry product quality supervision and inspection station appraisal, and the identification results are dyed 岫 jade and issue an appraisal report. Ms. Mu Ms. Identification Report returned the goods through a friend. Consumption Tips: Do you need to be cautious when you go out to choose a travel agency, you need to check the official home or physical store in the official store, you are not laid in your business license information; when traveling outside, don’t easily buy valuables such as jewelry, if you want to buy a certain summary invoice and related Ticketing; if the quality of service disputes, consumer cats, etc., can communicate with the operators in accordance with the contract and related agreement; if the consultation can be solved, you can complain to the local tourism management department, or ask the consoic association and other departments to intervene the mediation . Clothing shoes and hats "complaints" complaint type: Commodity complaints, clothing shoes have always been the hot problem of consumers, mainly in: clothing is damaged, open, starting, fading, deformed, etc .; operators Do not fulfill the "three packs" commitment, refuse to return the goods or repairs, compensate for the demands. Typical case: On May 17, Ms. Zhang tried on two clothes in Vientiane City, Picarni clothing store, said that the price is worth 4190 yuan. Subsequently, the clerk did not get the recognition of Ms. Zhang, unauthorized clipping the clothing tag, and did not give the tag to Ms. Zhang. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang said not wanting, and ask the clerk to return, the other party refuses.

In desperation, Ms. Zhang pays. At the same time, it was also induced to buy a pair of shoes. Afterwards, Ms. Zhang felt unreasonable to complain to the Consumers Association. The staff contact the head of the store in time, May 20, I replied to the consumer full refund.

  Consumption Tips: In addition to comparing clothing, shoes and hats, in addition to comparing prices, we must carefully view the quality of goods, content, washing mode, etc. The invoice and tag after purchasing the goods must be kept well in order to defend the right. Communication products "After-sales owed" Complaint Type: Today, mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool, consumers pay more attention to shape, brand, capacity, etc. when purchasing mobile phones, and it is not known that after-sales issues are frequent.

Mainly focused on: Quality has a safety hazard; after-sales service can not keep up; function is actually inconsistent. Typical case: February 6

After purchasing the machine, the mobile phone activation date is found on January 31, 2019 after after sales. Mr. Li believes that the mobile phone has been required to refund, but the mall has not returned.

Mr. Li complained to the Consisters and the staff followed the person in charge of Vientiane City. On February 14, the feedback had been successfully returned to Mr. Li.

  Consumption Tips: Be sure to see if you have been removed, after opening, you want to observe if there is a flaw, the screen is displayed, the phone volume and the handset are normal; if you buy a mobile phone, you have to open your mobile phone settings. View "About mobile phone ", Test whether yourself buy.

(Reporter Li Xiaolin).