The first long triangle intelligent manufacturing peak forum opened in Shanghai Jiading

The first long triangle intelligent manufacturing peak forum opened in Shanghai Jiading

Li Feng, deputy director of Jiading District, said in a speech that Jiading is one of the five new citys in Shanghai. It is fully integrated into the construction of Hongqiao International Open Hub. It is an opportunity for the high-quality development of Jiading District Automobile Industry and Jiading New Town. Smart City "and the long triangle new energy smart car" Silicon Valley ", speed up the construction of the Jia Kun Tai Cooperation with the innovative core circle, will continue to strengthen Jiading New City and the other cities in the Yangtze River Triangle mutual empowerment, radiation drive, service, long triangle National strategy of integrated development. Han Dadong, the Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Department of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology, said that Shanghai’s current focus of implementing "10030" projects, actively promoting the construction of intelligent factory. In the future, Shanghai will focus on enhanced industrial innovation strategies, enhance the industry’s basic ability and industrial chain level , Promote the development of manufacturing, service industry collaboration, and build high-end manufacturing growth in the long triangle, strengthen the Yangtze River Delta industry linkage, promote the synergy of the Yangtze River Delta region, and jointly build intelligent manufacturing and development ecotropic circles.

Theme Speech, the Dean of the Siemens China Institute, Zhu Yizhen, Shanghai Unicom Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Huang Wei, General Manager of Shanghai New Time Robot Co., Ltd., Zhou Guangxing, etc. Digital construction, digital twin-driven robot system integration, etc.

Round Table Forum, Shanghai New Energy Automotive Public Data Acquisition and Monitoring Research Center Director Qiari and Shangqi General, Volvo Motion, Chinese Express, etc., the technical person in charge of the digital transformation and breakthrough and broke through the innovation path of the automotive industry. .

This forum has been two days, and the enterprises related to more than 300 intelligent manufacturing fields from the three provinces of the Yangtze River and three provinces are actively engaged in the participation. Qixin is a cooperation and innovation and innovation and development of the Yangtze River Delta intelligent manufacturing industry. Collaborative layout, to make greater contributions to promoting the integration of long triangulation.

(Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Xuan Zhaoqiang).