Three Maybach First Show Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz Guangzhou Auto Show lineup exposure

Three Maybach First Show Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz Guangzhou Auto Show lineup exposure

  A few days ago, Netcom’s learned from the official, Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes, Mercedes, Merbach, Mercedes -Amg and other brands of 9 first new cars will appear in the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show. Among them, the Memabach S-Class Car 100th Anniversary Edition, the Strings High-definition First Edition and Mercedess – Mamibach EQS Concept Car 3 New Car China First Show; Meside – EQ Brand New EQA, New EQB And the new generation of AMGGT four sports cars will also be officially launched. Mercedes – Maybach brand S-class sedan 100th anniversary version, the craftsmanized high-definition first version and the Meside-Maybach EQS concept car three new cars ushered in the first show.

It is reported that the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Maybach brand is limited to 100 years. The new car will use special car paint and interior design, as well as Edition 100 exclusive badges with symbolizes. It is worth mentioning that the first pure tram model of the Maibach brand history of Munich IAA Auto Show in September – Mambach EQS concept car will be unveiled in the auto show. As the first unveiled pure electric model of the Mercedes-EQ brand, Mercedes-EQ brand new EQA, the new EQB will be listed at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The new EQA appearance uses a landmark "black panel" grille and the star ship shield. At the same time, the LED daytime driving light strip constituting "The Ring of Time and Space" is very identified, and the EQ model exclusive blue trim is also added inside.

EQB has a wide range of 7-seat space and strong high-efficiency electric drive performance to meet multiplayer travel needs.

The third batch of national rural tourism key villages officially announced on the list of Meiwan Village, Hohhot City

The third batch of national rural tourism key villages officially announced on the list of Meiwan Village, Hohhot City

On August 2nd, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Announcement on the List of the Third Batch of National Rural Tourism Key Villages and the List of the First National Rural Tourism Key Town (Township)", the third batch of national rural tourism The village and the first batch of national rural tourism key towns (township) lists are publicized. The Hohhot City and the new store of Lingel County are famous.

In addition to the 2019 New Town Baochang Town Announcement Village and 2020 Huimu District East Uquia Village, Saihan District Shihewan Village, Toto County Haojia Kiln, Hohhot City, there are 5 National Tourism Key Village. On July 19, the Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Hall, the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Notice on the announcement of the first batch of rural tourism key villages and towns in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region", Hohhot New Town Baochang Town Shuiyu Village, Huimin District Zhenzhai Jiayao Village, Tabuba Village, Taba Town Town Tamu Village, and the four villages of Jiaowan Village, Xinxiao Town, Linger County, were rated as the first batch of rural tourism key villages in autonomous regions. Up to now, there are five national rural tourism key villages, and 4 autonomous regional tourism key villages.

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The seventh congress of Minjin Hehe City was held

The seventh congress of Minjin Hehe City was held

  On December 8th, the seventh representative of Heihe City was successfully held in China’s Democratic Promotion Association. In view of the need for epidemic prevention and control, the meeting takes the way in line offline, and the offline venue is used in the line.

The meeting was listed and considered the Sixth Committee of the People’s Solo He City, and the seventh committee of the Minkyo City was elected.

Zhang Xianyou, the head of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, sent a letter to the General Assembly, and Zhang Xiujie, deputy secretary of the Heihe Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, attended the meeting.

  Zhang Xianyou fully affirmed that the people of the People in the Heilong Heihe Municipal Committee have changed under the leadership of the Minjin Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and the leadership of the Minjin Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and the Communist Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, and conscientiously implemented the socialist thinking of China’s characteristics, adhered to the service overall situation and its own construction. Tightly combined, adhere to the bidirection of the bideway of the bideways and aggressive gathering, and actively fulfill the participating party functions, and have made a lot of fruitful work and achieved gratifying results. Zhang Xianyou hopes that the new Heihe Municipal Committee will lead all the membership flags to speak politics, focus on the central service overall, comprehensively strengthen their own construction, to build a new socialist modern new dragon River, make new and greater contributions to the Heihe economic society .

  Jiang Hequan represents the Congress of the Communist Party of China to congratulate the General Assembly. The results of the 6th Committee of the Minjin Hehe City have given affirmation. I have given four hopes for the new leadership team of the Minjin Municipal Committee: First, the right political direction, Diligence and participation in political incident; second, it is focused on the overall situation of the city center, the common thinking reform and development; the third is to play a wide range of advantages, good as a democratic unity; four is to keep in mind the participation for the people’s tenet, and have a very hurry.

  The General Assembly considers the "Grasping the New Social Concept Integration into the New Pattern for the Construction of Socialist Modern Heihe".

The report pointed out that in the past five years, the 6th Committee of the People’s Sixth Committee has been united to lead the majority of members, conscientiously implement the work policy of "thinking and traveling, gathering, and going, and innovating and innovating", constantly strengthening their own construction, and actively fulfilling The party functions have made contributions to the economic and social development of the Heihe River.

In the next five years, it is a major strategic opportunity for the "three districts of the city" in the Heihe. More struggle for spiritual pursuit, strive to complete the sacred mission given by history.

  The election has produced the seventh committee of the Minkyo City. Wang Chengwu was elected as the Director, Li Peng, and Sun Xianghong were elected as a member of the Deputy Director, and 11 people such as Huiling as a member, appointed Chai Kun as the Secretary-General. The meeting reviewed the resolutions of the seventh congress of the Minkyo City. The General Assembly gave highly evaluated and expressed lofty respect for comrades who were no longer served as members of the new Municipal Committee. I hope that they will continue to contribute to the people’s commitment to the people’s commitment and support the people of the Municipal Committee of the People. The city’s call, the city’s people’s people should be more closely united around the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, and hide the great banner of socialism with the socialism of Chinese characteristics, conscientiously implement the "four new" "three good" requirements, join hands with the concentricity, hit the horse New journey, new era of success! .

Snow Township National Forest Park original Lin Scenic Area

Snow Township National Forest Park original Lin Scenic Area

The original Lin Scenic area of Xuexiang National Forest Park is located in Nanchong, Zhang Guangcai, Nanli, in the territory of mountains, the ancient trees, streams, the scenery, the natural resources, and the negative oxygen content per cubic meter is high.The scenic area covers an area of 297 pine rock, the average tree age 400 years, the longest is more than 1,000 years, the average tree is 30 meters, the highest can be 35 meters, the millennium trees are all, not only, not only ginseng, not only ginseng, not onlyGanoderma lucidum, Codonop, Schisandra, Zipani and other precious Chinese herbal medicines and nearly 200 plants, also perched on crops, scorpions, black bear and other precious animals and various birds, is a natural biological treasure house in Northeast.

One of the millennium red pine was named "China’s most beautiful red" in the Office of the National Greening Committee, China Forest Society.There are three sightseeing plants of stream, Jin Song, and wild boar nest, all-long kilometers, Yanke Road, the ancient trees, Hua Yaoli, and the loose tight roar, like a launched picture, beautiful.

The day is clear, but the night! Chaoyang District combed 89 winter Olympics test issues full solution

The day is clear, but the night! Chaoyang District combed 89 winter Olympics test issues full solution

In the 2021 Winter Olympics, the National Sliding Museum, the National Swimming Center and the National Stadium were measured. The Chaoyang District coexested the five major categories of 89 questions and has been resolved.

This is this reporter learned from the Chaoyang District.

Currently, Chaoyang District will focus on the center of Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics. The day of the test season, but the night Chaoyang District is one of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics competition venue. In the test activities and test competitions, Chaoyang District and 3 competition venue team jointly prepared a picture, one table, one , High standard construction venue facilities have made the measurement, comprehensive testing. The test activity and test match is the most direct and effective test of an area of ??an area. Yang Ping, the Beijing Olympic Park Management Committee, Yang Ping, introduced that during this year’s test activities and test competition, insisted on the early dispatch, the late school case system, and did the day and day, but the night, summed up combed epidemic prevention, accommodation, There are 89 items such as dining, transportation, daily guarantee, and have been resolved. During the test competition, Chaoyang District successfully completed the accommodation security task, implementing the full chain control of ingredients, carried out the test of food-sized stimulant, and accumulated more than 140,000 people safety.

Built TOCC smart platform, improve traffic dispatching system, meet the transportation requirements of airports, hotels, venues, opening 27 traffic routes, dispatching 1351 times of various vehicles.

Completed 15 well-being modifications, and ensure that its single-way transshipment time was controlled within 50 minutes, and 12 participating teams were unbacious. At present, the test competition service guarantee task has been successfully completed, and the Chaoyang District will transfer the work of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled Olympics on the basis of consolidating test results.

Multi-sectoral group specializes in the introduction of the bed, Chaoyang District mainly assumes accommodation, epidemic prevention, catering, environment and other safeguards, and involves special work such as opening and closing curtains, torch relay, cultural activities.

In terms of accommodation security, reference test competition guarantees, formation of jobs, Wenbao, Weijian, market supervision, etc., full of service guarantees such as accommodation, epidemic prevention, catering and other services. In terms of catering security, 167 points of inspection guarantees have been completed, and the matching of parcel security and emergency disposal personnel has been organized, and all staff of the support team participated in 5 rounds of business training, preliminaryly, the food safety guarantee work program was preliminary. In terms of environmental construction, there are many landscape nodes in the layout of Olympic Middle Road, Bei Loucun Road, National Park, etc., and all environmental remediation projects such as Beijing Olympic Park road maintenance, unobstructed facilities, key areas and road greening are all completed. Fully built the epidemic prevention and control safety barrier, Chaoyang District will fully build out the epidemic prevention and control safety barrier, form an emergency disposal team, classification classification to carry out emergency training drills, and improve the emergency response ability of the epidemic prevention and control. Equipped with accommodation in travel.

Take the food safety source, scientifically arrange your diet, and incorporate waste classification and disc actions into the working system to ensure rich meals and absolute safety. Trought well in urban operation and environmental protection.

Carry out water, electricity, gas, heat and other municipal infrastructure hidden dangers investigation, speed up the construction schedule of various supporting construction construction, carry out environment, transportation, cultural tourism, market operations four major order special rectification actions and the six-line environment comprehensive rectification , Make a good landscape arrangement.

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This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate "three farmers" achievements

This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate "three farmers" achievements

Beijing September 1 (Reporter Li Xiaoxiang) reporter learned from the press conference held on the 1st of the Chinese peasant harvest organizational guidance committee: September 23 this year, the autumn, my country will usher in the fourth Chinese peasant harvest . This year, the festival is the theme of "Qing Feng Yue, Sense of Parthen", and guide the vast majority of rural areas and society to carry out colorful mass celebrations, home activities arranged in Zhejiang Jiaxing in the Yangtze River Basin, Hunan Changsha, Sichuan Deyang, Yangtze River Economy Participate in 11 provinces, echoing the Yangtze River economy with high quality development and the Yangtze River protection strategy.

The harvest festival is the festival of farmers, but also the holiday of the people of the country.

This year, the Fengchao Festival celebration will fully show the new scientific and agricultural achievements, the new achievements of industrial development, and the new appearance of the country. In addition to home activities, this year’s Fengchao Festival also includes the key activities of member units, the Ministry of Education, Wenbao, Sports General Administration, etc., etc., will organize cultural research, product promotions, folk festivals, farmers events. Waiting for nearly 100 celebrations; in addition, all places will carry out rich and colorful features, such as product display, folk performances, and agricultural services. The organizing committee requires all localities to adhere to the peasant subject, and the activities focus on the grassroots level, and each county has cultivated a festive activities with distinctive characteristics, rich in connotation, close to farmers production activities.

This year’s harvest will fully demonstrate the responsibility of "three rural" in various historical periods of revolution, construction, and reform, fully demonstrate the "three rural" in building a new development pattern, and fully demonstrate the great achievements of comprehensive construction of a well-off society. Creating a harvest of urban and rural celebrations, a good atmosphere of the 10-year-old birthday of the Communist Party of China, highlighting a hundred years of journey, for far -poal farmers, urban and rural celebration, cultural heritage, market guidance five aspects. The Agricultural Rural Ministry will hold a celebration of the Agricultural Rural Achievement Exhibition, reviewing the Development of "Three Rural" Development Process and Brilliant Achievements. The relevant person in charge of the China Farmers Harvest Advisory Steering Committee said that the harvest will also increase the harvest.

The Department of Agricultural Rural Areas will jointly launch the "Chinese Farmers Fengsheng Festival" activity, organize multi-field, multi-level, diversified production and sales and promote consumption activities, active urban and rural consumption.

Qilihe District Mensen PROCURATORATE CRIMINIELE INSPECTIE Bedrijfsafdeling: Epidemic Preventie en Controle "Not Lax" Rudicial Handling "vecht niet"

Qilihe District Mensen PROCURATORATE CRIMINIELE INSPECTIE Bedrijfsafdeling: Epidemic Preventie en Controle "Not Lax" Rudicial Handling "vecht niet"

Originele titel: Qilihe District Mensen-procuratorate Criminal Inspection Bedrijfsafdeling: de epidemische situatiepreventie en -controle "Niet starten" Justiti?le handlingkoffer "Niet vechten" Onlangs, de plotselinge nieuwe kroon longontsteking epidemie verstoorde het ritme van Lanzhou-mensen, de epidemische preventie en Controle be?nvloedt ieders hart. De Procuratoraat van Qilihe District reageerden actief aan dat continue operaties en al het personeel lanceerden om te investeren in de preventie en controle van de epidemie.

De criminele procuratoriale business unit verhuisde ook, en tegelijkertijd als actieve deelname aan epidemische preventie, terwijl inhalen, werd de justiti?le handlingcase geco?rdineerd om ervoor te zorgen dat het procuratoraatwerk "non-stop", "niet stoppen" en voert een Hoogwaardige procureur ter interpretatie van de politie-verantwoordelijkheden en verantwoordelijkheid van de politie in epidemiepreventie en -controle.

Tijdens de epidemie werkt de zaak niet goed, het aantal gevallen van een groot aantal gevallen nadert, de openbare aanklagers van de afdeling van de strafrechtelijke onderzoek aan de post, actief aanpassen aan de preventie- en controlebehoeften van de epidemie, geef full play tot de rol van de procureuringsfunctie, en volledig garanderen van de volgorde van de zaak tijdens de preventie en controle van de epidemie. Effectief, doe de epidemische preventie en controle "NOT LAX", de juridische handling Case "niet vecht", de zaak is actief "niet verdisconteerd", als gevolg van de procuratoraat in de strijd tegen de epidemie, met de nadruk op de procuratoraat, het beoefenen van de verantwoordelijkheid en de verantwoordelijkheid van de communistische partijleden. Om ervoor te zorgen dat 11 adminaties, het geval van het geval van de zaak, de eerste aanklagerafdeling van het onderwerp, en de eerste aanklagerafdeling van het ziekenhuis de voortgang niet be?nvloed en de norm niet verkleinen. Het principe is niet flexibel om de zaak uit te voeren.

Gezien het feit dat sommige van de gevallen van woningen worden ge?soleerd vanwege enkele van de gevallen van gevallen, hebben de feitelijke gevallen ernstig onvoldoende, en ervoor kiest een hele officier van justitie om zich aan de paal te houden en ze samen te stellen. Neem de brief uit de behuizing, vraag naar de afstandsbediening, enz. Om in het geval te bestrijden, voldoet het actief aan de prosecutieve functie. Het is de soepele voortgang van de ge?ntegreerde zakenafdeling en het kantoor om de overdracht van juridische instrumenten en de overdracht van het afdrukken van de zaak te waarborgen. Terwijl het versterken van de samenwerking met verschillende afdelingen, verhoogt u de co?rdinatie, circulatie- en afleverprocedures voor de relevante eenheden, zoals openbare veiligheidsorganen en rechtbanken, en streven naar gevallen "de dag van de dag, de dag", volgens de wet, het is Strikt gestraft tegen criminaliteit, waardoor de hoogwaardige effici?ntie en het gemak van de juridische behandeling in de procureurverbinding, en alle gevallen zijn ten strengste gesloten in de tijdslimiet.

De procuratoraat van QiDiHE-district benadrukt de procuratoraat, de verdedigers zijn verantwoordelijk, de verdediger is verantwoordelijk, de verdediger is verantwoordelijk, en in de mooie anti-vulcancoring is het geconserveerd om de loyaliteit te winnen en bij te dragen aan de observatie van de epidemische preventie en bij te dragen controle. Lanzhou Dagelijkse afdeling, Full Media Reporter Zhang SHU (Editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Yu Ting) Delen Laat meer mensen client downloaden.

Solidly do a good job in food and material reserve reform and development work firmly

Solidly do a good job in food and material reserve reform and development work firmly

Han Zheng pointed out that food security is an important foundation for national security.

The Party Central Committee has always attached great importance to food security. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party’s central party’s central party is unified development and safety, and a series of important deployments in ensuring national food security.

To stand in the global height, understand the significance of food security, adhere to the overall national security concept, and solidly do a good job in the development of food and materials reserve, put the Chinese people’s rice bowls in their hands. Han is fully affirming that the results of food and material reserves have emphasized, according to my country’s economic and social development situation, do a good job in the total amount of food and material reserves, structural adjustment, variety choices, reserve layout, better meet the people’s The needs of a beautiful life. It is necessary to resolutely hold the red line of 1.8 billion acres of cultivated land to ensure the most fundamental production capacity of food security.

Han Zheng pointed out that further improvement of infrastructure, new construction, transformation, and enhance a number of warehousing facilities, strengthen the research and development of key technology involved in food.

To use good market means and government regulation means, promote the effective market and have better combination for the government, and do everything possible to enhance the reserve ability.

To put the safety production in the warehouse in the high-out position, improve the relevant management system and improve the level of reserve safety management. To strengthen the construction of cadres, enhance the comprehensive quality and professional ability.

Before the meeting, Han Zheng went to the Food Trading Coordination Center to understand the situation of the national food trading platform; enter some of the bureau and office, to visit cadre workers, understand the development of food and materials reserve development and food emergency insurance.

"People’s Daily" (June 09, 2021) (Editor: Chen Chen, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

TTIP is moeilijk als Obama erfgoedbeleid

TTIP is moeilijk als Obama erfgoedbeleid

[] Europa en de Verenigde Staten plannen om een nieuwe ronde van onderhandelingen rond "Europa en de Verenigde Staten over de Attree’s Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement" (TTIP) houden om ervoor te zorgen dat de ontwerptekst in de verschillende onderhandelingen wordt bereikt in de zomer van deze zomer, maar een aantal van hen de meest gevoelige onderwerp, een consensus bereiken over de toegang tot grondstoffenmarkt, service-industrie en overheidsopdrachten, de regelgeving wanneer dit najaar, en eindelijk compleet de onderhandelingen aan het eind van het jaar. Van de huidige ontwikkeling trend, is de tijd van zowel inhoudelijke als handelsbesprekingen zeer beperkt. In veel van haar handelspartners experts, is het noodzakelijk om het verschil tussen Europa en Amerika te elimineren in zo’n korte periode van tijd en verspreiden twijfels van de mensen, TTIP waarschijnlijk geworden Obama na verwijdering. Policy Heritage.

  US Europe TTIP onderhandelingen begonnen in 2013, kwesties in verband met handel in diensten, overheidsopdrachten, regels van oorsprong, technische handelsbelemmeringen, landbouw, douane en handelsbevordering.

Aan het einde van vorige maand, beide partijen eindigde de dertiende ronde van de onderhandelingen in New York. Op basis van beide partijen, deze ronde van de onderhandelingen zijn duidelijk, maar sommige gevoelige kwesties zijn nog steeds opgeschort.

De Europese en Amerikaanse onderhandelen vertegenwoordigers uitsluitingen uitgewisseld van 97% van de invoertarieven van vorig jaar 97% van de invoertarieven, en behouden van 3% van gevoelige producten belastingen.

  De internationale milieuorganisatie "Greenpeace" is een 240-pagina geheime documenten met betrekking tot TTIP onderhandelingen, waaronder de Amerikaanse onderhandelingspositie en het interne document van de EU heeft gereageerd op de voortgang van de onderhandelingen aangekondigd, in de hoop om de transparantie van de onderhandelingen te bevorderen en het aantrekken van de publiek om deze controversi?le handel. Discussie over de overeenkomst. Dit document onmiddellijk veroorzaakt een opschudding in Europa, en werd een negatieve gebeurtenis van het Europese volk te TTIP steun voor het Europese volk. Als documenten bekendgemaakt door documenten, hebben de Dao Yingan politici en twijfels van het publiek op TTIP onderhandelingen verder te verdiepen, en de twee partijen in Europa en Amerika de nieuwe schaduwen afgerond voor het einde van dit jaar. Voor TTIP, zijn er meer mensen in Europa.

Vorige maand Obama bezocht Europa, de Duitse organisaties en sociale groepen gezamenlijk gestart met een grote parade tegen TTIP.

In de EU-lidstaat, de stem bekritiseerde TTIP onderhandelingen aanzienlijk toegenomen.

Sommige van de Sociale People’s Parlement van het Duitse Federale Parlement vraagt de opschorting van de onderhandelingen. Duitse Sector Leaders, Horster Zekel, zei dat als hij de volledige TTIP onderhandelingen inhoud niet openbaar te maken, zal hij een beslissing van de overeenkomst te betalen.

De Franse minister van Buitenlandse Handel secretaris Matias Felkir zei dat de Franse zal weigeren om de Europese en Amerikaanse self-contained onderhandelingen overeenkomsten te accepteren.

  Met het oog op het vermoeden van nationale politici en EU te verlichten, Obama is in het bezoek van Duitsland en het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

"Dit is het beslissende moment," zei Obama in Hannover, "als een verenigd, vrede, vrijheid, gediversifieerd en gratis vermarkting is begonnen om de resultaten van de afgelopen decennia te twijfelen, dan kunnen we niet op andere plaatsen in de wereld verwachten. vooruitgang kan worden voortgezet. Na de belichting onderhandelingen document, de US Trade Representative Office een verklaring afgegeven dat "hoewel de Verenigde Staten geeft geen commentaar op de geloofwaardigheid van de zogenaamde lek-bestand, zelfs in het beste geval, de interpretatie van deze documenten lijkt misleidend zijn, slechtst het resultaat is dat de interpretatie is volkomen verkeerd.

"De Amerikaanse Witte Huis woordvoerder in Onester 2e zei dat hij niet bang dat de openbaarmaking van de onderhandelingen een substanti?le impact hebben op TTIP onderhandelingen zullen hebben, en de Verenigde Staten is nog steeds in voor de voltooiing van TTIP onderhandelingen aan het eind van dit jaar.

  De onvrede van TTIP binnen de Verenigde Staten neemt toe. De Amerikaanse Kamer van Koophandel is niet gebleken de onderhandelingen papier, maar het betekent dat de Amerikaanse activiteiten zal streven naar een Europese en Amerikaanse self-handelsovereenkomst met de hand liggende zakelijke betekenis te bereiken. De US Environmental Organization Mountain Club (Sierra Club) een verklaring afgegeven dat de mededeling bleek dat de Amerikaanse onderhandelingspositie bescherming van het milieu en te reageren op de klimaatverandering inspanningen zullen verzwakken, en de Europese en Amerikaanse zelfstandige onderhandelingen "gaat in de verkeerde richting ."

 In het bijzonder, Obama is in verlegenheid gebracht, en sinds het begin van de Amerikaanse presidentsverkiezingen, de grote conservatieve macht vertegenwoordigd door Donald Trump, de Republikeinse kandidaat, verzet zich tegen immigratie en vrijhandel. In feite is de steun van de mensen steeds lager en lager, is uitgegroeid tot een grote korte plank voor deze onderhandelingen.

Uit een enquête vrijgegeven door de Betastan Stichting van Duitsland toonde aan dat het scherp dan twee jaar geleden is gedaald.

Volgens de enquête, in Duitsland, 33% van de respondenten tegen TTIP, supporters alleen goed voor slechts 17%, en nog eens 30% van de respondenten zei dat ze niet vertrouwd zijn met TTIP en kon niet oordelen, in de Verenigde Staten, 18% respondenten tegenstelling TTIP, supporters alleen goed voor slechts 15%, en 46% van de respondenten geeft aan dat TTIP niet begrijpen en kan niet oordelen.

Twee jaar geleden, 55% en 53% van de respondenten in Duitsland en de Verenigde Staten steun TTIP. Vanwege de felle kritiek, in combinatie met de onderhandelingen zijn nog niet gevoelige kwesties aangeraakt, Franse ambassadeur ambassadeur in de Verenigde Staten van mening dat de overeenkomst niet kan worden bereikt voor het einde van de regering Obama.

Obama heeft de aanpassing toe te laten, en het is onmogelijk te verwachten dat de overeenkomst voor het einde van dit jaar worden goedgekeurd, "Maar ik verwacht dat wij de overeenkomst af te ronden." Alle teksten, afbeeldingen, audio- en video-manuscripten en elektronische tijdschriften zoals "Economisch Referentie Nieuws" of "Economisch Referentienetwerk" zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd door het economische referentie-nieuws. Elke vorm publiceren en spelen.

The macaque model reveals that the disease is heavier with neoguanpi pneumonia

The macaque model reveals that the disease is heavier with neoguanpi pneumonia

Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter Zhao Hanbin) Understand the immunopropological characteristics of new crown pneumonia, which is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of neoguanpneumitis.

On November 22nd, the Science and Technology Daily reported that the study of the Kunming Institute of Sciences in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one study found that the immunopathological mechanism of inflammatory response delayed in the elderly macaque model of neoguanpi pneumonia, or will be available for patients with neogp pneumonia New ideas. The research results have recently been published on the international journal "signal transduction and targeted therapy".

The excessive response of the immune system is considered to be one of the main pathogenesis of neoguanpiral, and the primate is a dynamic study of new coronal pneumonia pathological mechanisms. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Kunming Institute of Massage, Zheng Yongtang, the discipline, previously studied that new crown viruses were infected with Chinese macaques, showing similar pathological features similar to human patients. However, it is characterized by differently recession in timely decline in the immune response of young macaques, and the abnormal changes of the elderly macaque delayed lung tissue inflammatory response. Age-related abnormal immune microenvironment, may have been formed in the early stage of new crown virus infection, and continued to affect the progression of diseases in elderly patients.

In order to verify this hypothesis, the Zheng Yong Tang researcher team is based on multiple immunofluorescence staining quantitative techniques, and more accurate immunopropathological research on Chinese macaque neogp pneumonia models.

By analyzing the early unsatisfactory pulmonary tissue of infection, the research team found that the viral infection did not significantly affected by age, the elderly monkey and the lung tissue of the young monkey ACE2 positive cells were reduced in the infection, but the elderly macaque ACE2 positive cell apoptosis, The level of autophagy and signal pathway is more severe than young macaques.

In addition, after the elderly macaques infected with new crown viruses, the inflammatory factor secretion cells in the lung tissue increased, which provided the foundation for the inflammatory outbreak after tissue lesions.

The elderly macaque lung tissue naturally highly expresses some cytokines and interferon signal proteins, which caused immune tolerance, passivated the reaction ability of the immune system, explaining the inflammatory reaction delay characteristics of the elderly macaque model.

New crown virus infection specifically induces aggregation of elderly kiwi transmining factor CXCR3 positive cells in pulmonary, spleen and peripheral blood, is a age-related systemic pathological characteristics.

After the elderly macaque infected new crown viruses, instead of cultivating a large number of CXCR3 positive cells into the infection site, it may be one of the serious mechanisms that have changed the changes of elderly macaque lung disease.